The Little Things age rating: Is the movie okay for kids?

The Little Things is likely one of the movies you want to watch this weekend. Is it any good for kids? Here’s a look at The Little Things age rating.

With the movie being on a streaming platform as well as in theaters, you’re likely planning on watching at home. That makes sense. As a family, you can save a lot of money even if you don’t already have a HBO Max subscription.

But is this movie okay to watch with your kids around? Is it something you should watch when they go to bed?

This isn’t just about looking at The Little Things age rating, but also about thinking about the maturity of your children. Of course, the age rating is something to consider, especially if you are planning a trip to a theater open near you.

What is The Little Things age rating?

The official age rating for the crime thriller is R in the United States. That means it’s only suitable for those who are 18 or older if you’re heading to the theaters.

Australia has it rated as M, while Singapore has it rated as M18. There are some countries that have it rated a little lower according to the Parents Guide on IMDb, such as the province of Alberta in Canada rating it 14A.

The rating will be linked to violence in the movie. Also expect strong language, nudity, and gore. Oh and smoking…you’ve seen that warning, right?

If you’re watching from home, you have a little more leeway. You can assess the movie and the maturity levels of your children. After all, if your kids are anything like me, they’re old enough to deal with 18+ movies at the age of 14. That’s when I was watching most R-rated horror movies.

I do recommend watching the movie first and then assessing it yourself. At least with it being on HBO Max for 31 days, you’ve got time to decide without spending more money.

The Little Things is in theaters and on HBO Max now.