Netflix movies and shows to watch this week, February 15, 2021

Do you know what you’ll be watching on Netflix this week? If not, no worries, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we share with you the top Netflix movies and shows debuting on the streaming service this week.

First, I’ll be honest and say that WandaVision on Disney Plus has been all I can think about since watching the new episode. But the Marvel series only drops one episode each week, and not that we’ve seen it, we need more to keep us entertained.

Leave it to Netflix to provide us with all the variety of Netflix movies and shows we need! From a fun comedy to an exciting horror, the streaming titan has it all. Which streaming service is your go-to from everything that is available? I know, it’s tough to choose!

Netflix also has to its advantage the fact that movie theaters are closed. Which movie or series has been your favorite so far? If you don’t have one, no worries, there are plenty more to come, beginning with this week. Let’s get the list started.

Netflix movies and shows to watch Feb. 15-21

  • The Crew season 1, Feb. 15
  • Good Girls season 3, Feb. 16
  • Sisyphus, Feb. 17
  • Behind Her Eyes season 1, Feb. 17
  • No Escape Room, Feb. 18
  • I Care a Lot, Feb. 19
  • Operation Finale, Feb. 20

What are you the most excited to watch from the list above? This week doesn’t have too much going on, but it’s about quality and not quantity, right?

I Care a Lot is the biggest release Netflix has coming this week, and definitely the one I am the most looking forward to watching. It looks great, check out the trailer for it, here:

What will you be watching on Netflix this week? Did we miss a good movie or series dropping soon? Share with us!