Cold Courage season finale sneak peek: Will Mari keep track of Lia?

Cold Courage Season 1 comes to an end on Thursday. Check out this sneak peek of what Adrian has in store for Lia. Can Mari keep track of Lia?

It’s certainly not been an easy ride for Lia. Undercover cops train for years for this sort of thing, and Lia has just been thrown into the deep end. It’s clear in the clip that she’s fearful of what’s to come next.

What will Adrian put her through? He has business to take care of, but this time, it’s not in the room where everyone thought she’d stay. Instead, they need to take a drive.

This puts Lia in immediate danger. Mari is going to have her work cut out for her. The team is understandably terrified.

Just check out the sneak peek for the Cold Courage season finale below:

What to expect on the Cold Courage season finale

The trailer just gives us a glimpse of the danger that is set to unfold. Adrian is a smart man. He must realize that something is up. In the clip, he mentions the camera Lia has placed in a room and she makes a comment about wanting to help in the business. Does he really believe that?

It’s clear the team worries. They know that with Lia leaving the room, it’s going to be harder to put in the final steps of their sting.

On top of that, the entire Studio will need to protect themselves. What does Adrian have planned for the others?

Get ready for a high-stakes season finale. Everything is on the line for every single character on Cold Courage.

What do you hope to see on the Cold Courage season finale? How do you expect it to end? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Cold Courage season finale airs on Thursday, April 15 on AMC+.