How Naked and Afraid of Love has made everyone feel as comfortable as possible on set

Naked and Afraid of Love -- Courtesy of Discovery
Naked and Afraid of Love -- Courtesy of Discovery /

Naked and Afraid meets The Bachelor on Naked and Afraid of Love. Just how did the show manage to make everyone as comfortable as possible?

Discovery is bringing a new dating show to our screens. It mixes two different genres for reality shows together, stripping away the clothing (literally) to jump straight to that part of dating. A group of singles are all looking for love, and they’re going to be naked while doing it.

Usually, stripping off is the end goal. This is the starting point for the show, helping to jump past the physical attraction phase. It’s time for the cast members to get to know each other on deeper levels.

That would mean being comfortable on set. In a world where there is a lot of focus on consent and comfort, just how did the show manage to do that? It’s something executive producer Jay Beinstock discussed during the summer press tour.

Female crew members, a lot of rules, and more

One thing that was made very clear from the beginning was the rules about consent. If someone didn’t want to be touched, that would have to be respected.

That’s the way it should be. It does seem a little sad that these rules have to be in place. Maybe one day we’ll get to a point where consent and respecting another person’s wishes are just accepted!

While the rules would help to settle some, Beinstock also explained that much of the crew were women. This female presence helped to bring some balance and shows that the series was thinking about ways to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.

So, was it just like a vacation in the buff? Definitely not. The series is still part of the Naked and Afraid world. The cast was still forced to live off the land and build shelters. There were a few things offered to make sure they could remain clean and not suffer bad breath, but everything else was like the main series.

However, all cast members did receive survivalist training. They also had guidebooks while filming to help them build shelters and fires, etc. After all, these people looking for love hadn’t been through the survivalist training that contestants of the main series have gone through.

If you want to see a dating show that does things the opposite way around, this is the one for you.

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Naked and Afraid of Love premieres on Discovery on Sunday, Aug. 22.