Is Martin Kove leaving Dancing with the Stars early?

DANCING WITH THE STARS - ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" stars Tyra Banks. (ABC/Laretta Houston)
DANCING WITH THE STARS - ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" stars Tyra Banks. (ABC/Laretta Houston) /

Dancing with the Stars season 30 has arrived! The season 30 premiere introduced each celebrity contestant with their professional dancing partner for the season and audiences got to see each team give first performance. Were they all great? Er…no.

When it comes to Dancing with the Stars, we never really expect the first dances to be marvelous. On the contrary, we expect the worst. Even though these are celebrities, dancing isn’t exactly what they became famous for.

That said, even when a dance isn’t great, you can get a good idea about what to expect. One can see how committed the celebrity is, what they did right, wrong, and the judges feedback.

Also, in each season of ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars, there’s always one celebrity that is tough to watch. Last season, it was Carole Baskin. She tried her best, but she just couldn’t compete with the other teams. And this season, it’s Martin Kove.

Will Martin Kove be eliminated on Dancing with the Stars?

Listen, we love and respect our sensei, but he’s simply not cut out for the dance floor.

The Karate Kid star was motivated, the introduction to his dance was powerful and had us all hyped. Of course, if we’re being honest, we weren’t expecting to be blown away, but Kove seemed to give the dance little to no effort. In fact, I’d say he forgot his moves.

If you missed the dance, watch it below:

Kove admitted this was more difficult than he imagined, and that he was super nervous! Kove didn’t move much at all, and when he did, it wasn’t to the beat.

Will be work harder at memorizing his steps for next week? Or will he call it quits early? You should already know the answer — Kove is not a quitter! Though he may not get far, I know he’ll be back to give it his all.

Which team surprised you? Who is your favorite this season? 

The first elimination of season 30 is on Tuesday, Sept. 28, only on ABC.

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