Where is South Park streaming in 2021?

South Park/Comedy Central. Acquired via Comedy Central Press.
South Park/Comedy Central. Acquired via Comedy Central Press. /

South Park is a cultural phenomenon that has continued to grow. The animated series, spun from the imaginations of creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, debuted in 1997 and was lambasted as vulgar and vile, but over two decades and 24 seasons later the series continues to thrive and find a home with new fans. Here’s where South Park is streaming in 2021.

All 24 seasons of South Park are available on HBO Max and Hulu Plus.

If you don’t have access to HBO Max, you can still watch South Park on Comedy Central, the home for new episodes of South Park and a place where you can regularly find day-long marathons featuring a fun mix of episodes from all 24 seasons.

South Park is available to stream on HBO Max

When the show first premiered it caught on quickly with teens and young adults who enjoyed the anything goes nature of the show’s premise. The show didn’t hold back from lampooning famous people and major news topics, and this caused many parents’ groups to call for the show’s cancellation.

Naturally, the more people pushed to cancel South Park, the more the show dug in its heels and continued to offer humorous takes on very real topics. While parents called for the show to end, the show regularly featured episodes where the kids were forced to learn important life lessons elsewhere because their parents weren’t around or couldn’t be bothered with teaching their kids.

In fact, the whole “blame Canada” concept in 1999 South Park: The Movie was a direct response to parents trying to blame everyone else for their kids’ problems rather than focus on being good parents.

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Over the years, the show has tackled everything from religion, drugs, pop culture and politics, and the most recent special, The South ParQ Vaccination Special lampooned QAnon while highlighting the COVID-19 epidemic and how senior citizens are finally at the front of the line for one of the most sought-after items: the COVID-19 vaccine.