Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood sparks concern with Mental Health Day live video

Amber Portwood - Teen Mom OG
Amber Portwood - Teen Mom OG /

As Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood continues to open up about her struggles on our TVs, she’s also sparking concern from her fans in real-time via social media.

The 31-year-old reality star went on Instagram to conduct a live video on Sunday, Oct. 10 about World Mental Health Day.

The international day aims to bring awareness to those who are dealing with mental health issues and to help stop the stigma around this. While celebrities made headlines yesterday for donating money, including Ariana Grande who gave away $5 million in therapy, Amber was causing a buzz for another reason.

The mom-of-two went on Instagram Live to seemingly diss World Mental Health Day, telling her followers: “Happy m***********g Mental Health Day!” She went on to accuse people of trying to be “hard” before adding more expletives aggressively to the camera.

Although Amber’s intention with her message is a bit unclear, many of her fans took to Reddit to discuss what she was talking about. Some expressed that they felt bad for her and for her children, while others noted that if she’s seeking treatment, it doesn’t appear to be working.

One person even accused MTV of exploiting Amber’s health issues without actually getting her help. “MTV get this girl some help,” they wrote. “You continue to exploit her. You have made a lot of money off of her story. Enough is enough – please help her. It’s so sad to watch. It’s your fault where she is at and you need to take some accountability!”

You can watch the video here.

Amber has gotten real on Teen Mom about her mental health struggles, revealing in 2017 that she was re-diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. In a 2019 episode, Amber went to therapy and discussed how difficult it was to deal with her mood swings and her anger. She explained at the time:

"“I’m just super nervous. I guess I feel vulnerable right now, like really bad. I haven’t really been doing very well when it comes to mood swings. Any little thing, tiny, tiny thing, will enrage me.”"

It goes without saying that Amber has faced her fair share of ups and downs throughout adulthood, and we really hope she’s able to get the help and care she needs right now. We do not know what she’s going through, so we are sending her our good thoughts at this time.

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