Charmed Season 4 will premiere in March 2022

The CW has set its early 2022 dates, and Charmed Season 4 is on the list. There is still a bit of a wait on our hands, though.

When The CW announces midseason dates, it’s not just about the shows returning or premiering in January. The network tends to give us all winter dates, getting us into the middle of March. That’s happened here, and that’s how Charmed Season 4 has made it to the list.

The witchy series isn’t going to premiere its new season in January. Instead, we have to wait until March, but this isn’t a bad sign for the future of the show. It’s not the only series held until March.

Charmed Season 4 premiere date

The new season will premiere on Friday, March 11. It takes the 8/7c timeslot, which has performed relatively well for it over the last couple of years.

Charmed did originally air on Sundays, and for a short time during Season 3, it aired on Sundays too. However, the ratings have been more stable on Fridays, and it’s worked well paired with Dynasty. Fridays were traditionally the “death slot,” but when it comes to The CW, this night can actually help to keep a show on the air. It helps that the show airs its full season on Netflix soon after the season comes to an end.

What is going to be interesting is the number of episodes the season will have. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, but a March premiere tends to mean a show gets between 13 and 16 episodes. It does look like this series is taking over the placement The 100 used to have, so a shorter season order is likely.

It’s not the only show delayed until March. Kung Fu Season 2 won’t premiere until March 9, and that’s the night The Flash returns from its break. Dynasty will initially get a premiere in December, but it will go on a break and not return until March. Riverdale will also return after its initial five-episode event on Sunday, March 6. Deadline has all the details.

What do you hope to see on Charmed Season 4? What do you think of the delayed date? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Charmed Season 4 premieres on Friday, March 11 at 8/7c on The CW.