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The Doctor needs to save Yaz and newcomer Vinder after Swarm’s most recent attack on Doctor Who Season 13, Episode 3. Don’t miss the all-new episode tonight.

At the end of the previous episode, we saw that Swarm seems to want to keep time (and the planet Time) in order. However, it means putting Yaz and Vinder in place of the two broken keepers. That’s not something The Doctor is going to be happy about.

Now it’s up to The Doctor to fix the situation and get Yaz back. She’ll also want to help Vinder. While she has never met this guy, this is The Doctor. She will always help the innocent people when she can.

The Cybermen attack on Doctor Who Season 13, Episode 3

Based on the promo, it looks like she’ll get them back. However, this could also end up breaking time as they know it. The Doctor is falling through some sort of vortex, and there are a lot of aliens and creatures coming up.

The Cybermen seem to be the biggest concern for this week’s episode. Vinder looks to be dealing with them, and I think we get a glance of Yaz too. There’s a lot moving.

Yaz is in the car in her police uniform at one point. She looks in the rearview mirror to see an Angel ready to grab her. Does she remember what these are? Is this supposed to be before she joined The Doctor? After all, time is wonky.

And while all that goes on, we’re sure the Sontarans are still up to their tricks. They’re using the Flux to their advantage to wipe out the entire planet Earth.

Check out the promo for Doctor Who Season 13, Episode 3:

Don’t miss out on the all-new episode of Doctor Who. You can catch up on BBC America but you can also watch live with the following details:

Date: Sunday, Nov. 14
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Episode: Season 13, Episode 3, “Once, Upon Time”
TV Channel: BBC America
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