A tribute to the best TV friendships on Friendsgiving

Broad City Season 5 premiere via Comedy Central Press
Broad City Season 5 premiere via Comedy Central Press /
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Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche and Rose from Golden Girls

Why they’re #bffgoals: It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say #bffgoals started with ladies of The Golden Girls. While all very different women, each of them brings a unique perspective and dynamic to their group. Dorothy is snarky yet lovable while Blanche is a flirtatious Southern belle. Coupled with Sophia’s brutal honesty and Rose’s mild-mannered goofiness, the Golden Girls could be anyone’s friend group.

What makes them #bffgoals is that they’re so much more than best friends. In a way, they’re a family. Like a family, the Golden Girls weren’t afraid, to be honest with each other but were still there for each other. They may have fought but always came back together. Most of the time, around the table with cheesecake but it’s their friendship and love that made the show so wildly popular.

Most memorable moment: As for memorable moments, it’s tough to come up with just one. As someone who is currently watching the series, I’m only on season 5. One episode, in particular, stands out to me and that’s “Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas.” Serving as the show’s first Christmas episode, it’s where we see the girls truly embrace each other as family. They make the best out of a bad situation despite being stuck in a diner. They might not be spending Christmas how they planned but it doesn’t matter. They’re thankful to be together and to them, that’s more than enough.

Rebecca Mills, Hidden Remote contributor