Being The Ricardos movie review: I don’t know. But, how dare you?

Being The Ricardos movie poster, image courtesy Amazon Studios
Being The Ricardos movie poster, image courtesy Amazon Studios /

I was excited finding out that they were making a movie centered around I Love Lucy about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. With Aaron Sorkin writing and directing Being the Ricardos, my expectations were high.

Unfortunately, from the moment that Javier Bardem hits the screen, I never once saw Desi Arnaz. I struggled with the casting leading up to the film, but I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt heading into watching the movie. Desi Arnaz was someone that didn’t have to try. He was a charming, good-looking man that had a million-dollar smile.

Although I wasn’t sure about Nicole Kidman as Lucy, I did think that there was potential because Kidman is a great actress. There were a few scenes where I saw Kidman as Lucy, but not many. The strongest scenes where I saw Lucille were the moments in the film that brought me back to the settings from the TV show that made me laugh. It wasn’t because of Kidman, sadly.

My biggest issue with my complaint about the film is that it’s a very well-made movie. Each layer of this movie is terrific, from the script, production design, score, and supporting cast. Regarding the supporting cast, J.K. Simmons and Nina Arianda were the perfect pair to play William and Vivian. They had this fantastic chemistry that led to some remarkable scenes between the couple.

I loved everything about Being The Ricardos except the two leads

The film’s tone somewhat surprised me. I wasn’t expecting this film to have the emotional weight that it ended up having. We have some funny moments like the table reads were phenomenal, but then the final sequence of this movie breaks your heart in two. It was a whirlwind of feelings that were paced great by Sorkin.

Sadly, I loved everything about this film but the two leads, which obviously takes away from the entire movie. If this film was named anything other than Being the Ricardos and about a dynamic couple who rose to the top together in TV, it would be a near-perfect film, but it’s not, and that truly breaks my heart.

Being the Ricardos hits theaters on Friday and comes out on Amazon Prime Video on December 21, 2021