Trash TV is one of the Fandoms of the Year 2021 and we’re here for it

So Freakin Cheap on TLC, photo courtesy TLC
So Freakin Cheap on TLC, photo courtesy TLC /

FanSided has revealed its 100 Fandoms of the Year 2021 and Trash TV has secured its spot. Here’s why we’re all about it and recommend you add some Trash TV to your life.

This year, FanSided didn’t rank all 100 Fandoms. It’s been a tough year, so they all get some love from us! However, a total of 10 fandoms were chosen for superlative recognition by FanSided’s editorial team! These include Simone Biles as the most inspirational fandom, Lucifer for most loyal fandom, and Formula 1 for the fastest growing fandom.

We’re proud of all fandoms that made it to the top 100! But in this post, we are focusing on Trash TV. That’s right, aka Junk Food TV is one of our favorite things this year and it needs to be yours, too.

First, you may be wondering, what exactly is Trash TV? These are the shows that you have on as background noise or while on your phone. They don’t require your full attention in order for you to understand what’s happening, because what’s happening is likely nonsense. But the year 2021 has been a stressful one, why not enjoy some messy nonsense? These shows are the best distraction and are perfect for unwinding after a busy day.

Trash TV are also guilt-pleasure shows, such as reality TV. After watching a Trash TV show, you don’t go to sleep thinking about it, worrying about the characters, unable to forget about a cliffhanger, or sad about the death of your favorite character. No, these shows are only for fun gasps and drama that doesn’t involve you.

5 of our favorite Trash TV shows that need to be on your list

Here are five of our favorite Trash TV shows you need to watch to worry less and enjoy in the background:

  • 90 Day Fiance (on TLC)
  • Dr. Pimple Popper (on TLC)
  • Fboy Island (on HBO Max)
  • Too Hot to Handle (on Netflix)
  • Love Island (on Paramount)
  • I Love a Mama’s Boy (on TLC)
  • Selling Sunset (on Netflix)
  • Catfish: The TV Show (on MTV)
  • So Freakin Cheap (on TLC)

Oops. Did we say just five? I’ll be honest, I can go on forever, Trash TV is one of my favorite genres. And hey, some of these shows are actually pretty good! If it keeps you happy and distracted, it’s doing its job! Which Trash TV show do you recommend?

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