Ranking the 11 best Netflix shows and movies of 2021

Squid Game on Netflix
Squid Game on Netflix /
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Squid Game
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Best Netflix shows and movies of 2021: No. 1 Squid Game

The show which featured childhood games with deadly consequences became an unprecedented sensation. According to the streamer, Squid Game registered 1.65 billion hours of viewing in its first four weeks. That smashed the record for most-watched Netflix show ever, breaking the record of 625 million hours set by Bridgerton. Because of the show’s popularity, a second season is in development.

Best Netflix shows and movies of 2021: No. 2 Lupin

A gentleman thief is out for revenge in the French mystery series, Lupin. Assane Diop, played by Omar Sy, is a thief who seeks to avenge the improvement and death of his father by stealing from the family that put him behind bars, the Pellegrini’s. Diop is inspired by the works of the French master thief, Arsène Lupin, and becomes a gentleman thief. Through his clever wit and skill persona, Diop steals an expensive diamond necklace to hurt the Pellegrini family and prove his father’s innocence. The series is a fun thrill ride with cliffhangers at every corner!

Best Netflix shows and movies: No. 3 Bo Burnham: Inside

In the running for the most unique piece of content from 2021 is Bo Burnham: Inside. Burnham did everything for this special: wrote, shot, direct, edit, and compose. The special was done inside Burnham’s house during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inside included a variety of sketches that commented on the issues in the world. It also spawned hit songs such as “How the World Works,” “Welcome to the Internet,” and “White Woman’s Instagram.” Inside was critically acclaimed and won three Primetime Emmy Awards.