The Bob’s Burgers Movie: 5 takeaways from the movie trailer

Bob's Burgers Movie, image courtesy 20th Century Fox
Bob's Burgers Movie, image courtesy 20th Century Fox /

After years of waiting and multiple delays, the Bob’s Burgers Movie is finally almost here. Due to release on May 27, 2022, the Belchers are finally making their big-screen debut. As fans of the series, it feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity.

However, the Bob’s Burgers Movie is just a few short months away and it feels like details are coming out of the woodwork just now. For years, we’ve mostly had to rely on crumbs and now, there is a trailer and a synopsis out for the movie. Considering how annoying 2022 has been, this is such a pleasant surprise.

While the film is poised for a theatrical release, the pandemic might put a delay on that. Even so, it’ll be nice when we finally do see the Belchers make their debut. In particular, the film looks like it’s going to be the perfect introduction to Bob’s Burgers for new fans and still make fans of the long-time series happy as well.

Obviously, before getting started, make sure you watch the trailer for the Bob’s Burgers Movie and let us know your favorite takeaways from it. Without further ado, let’s talk about some details from the trailer worth noting.

The first takeaway for the Bob’s Burgers Movie is a swift departure from what we know.

Of course, before getting into this first takeaway, it’s only right to pop the trailer in so you can watch it for the first time or if you’re like me, watch it again.

In watching the trailer, most of us fans will notice something. While the show has a certain art style, the trailer seems to take a slightly different approach. Maybe it’s because the lines are cleaner or the colors are brighter. Either way, the animation style for the movie just feels like an uplifted version of how the show looks. Personally, I think it looks clean and should work well on the big screen.

These next two takeaways focus more on the elements of the movie.

The next takeaway has to do with the setting of the film and it’s that the film is going to be set during the summertime. For a majority of the series, we see the Belchers deal with all seasons but mostly fall and winter. Considering that most of the popular episodes are holiday episodes, it’s no surprise.

However, setting the movie in summer opens up the realm of possibilities. With the kids out of school and basically free to get into shenanigans, there is no telling what’s going to either go terribly right or terribly wrong. In particular, we saw the Belcher kids stumbling into what looks like a few sticky situations as they are completely separate from Bob and Linda but it’s unclear exactly what they’re getting into.

The other takeaway is some of our favorite side characters making a reappearance. Within the minute and a half runtime, we saw that Tina is reunited with Jericho while Louise and her fever-dream Kuchi Kopis are reunited, too. We’re also going to be seeing the Fischoeder Brothers and Sergeant Bosco, too. Overall, it seems like the amount of side characters we see pop up should be a fun treat for fans.

The final two takeaways focus on the plot of the Bob’s Burgers Movie.

This next takeaway has to deal with the plot of the Bob’s Burgers Movie. If you read the trailer’s description, you’ll see a synopsis has been released. The Belcher family is dealing with a problem of massive proportions aka a sinkhole in front of the restaurant. Looking back at Season 2, this could be a callback to “The Deepening.” While it’s doubtful that a mechanical shark could do as much damage, it’s a possibility.

The final takeaway from the trailer is that there are still SO many unanswered questions. Even though we’ve been given tons of new details, there is still a lot of details left to wonder about. It’s obvious everyone working on the movie is keeping details close to the chest. Personally, though, I’d love to see more content ASAP and maybe, see a longer trailer in the future.

Even so, it’s amazing to finally see a trailer for the Bob’s Burgers Movie. The series is incredibly beloved and it’s nice to see the Belchers getting their day in the sun. It’s also a major accomplishment for the cast and crew of the series. All in all, the biggest takeaway of the trailer release is that May 27 cannot come fast enough.

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The Bob’s Burgers Movie is set to release on May 27, 2022. 

Do you plan on watching the Bob’s Burgers Movie? Any takeaways you noticed or want to share? Be sure to let us know in the comments!