50 best shows on streaming to watch right now

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Euphoria season 2, image courtesy HBO

Euphoria season 2, image courtesy HBO, shows on streaming

Hidden Remoters are always searching for a new favorite series to binge-watch. In the following slides, we list the top 50 shows on streaming you can watch right now.

The world of streaming has taken over our television sets, and the pandemic has pushed platforms to create even more high-quality, entertaining content. Needless to say, streaming services have made a huge impact on our entertainment needs.

Today, there are countless television shows and movies to select from, all of which we are able to enjoy from the comfort of our own home and with the click of a button. The only catch is that you need to subscribe to these services in order to watch what they have available, and that comes with a price. To many viewers, this is a small price to pay for new and original programming.

Which shows on streaming are your favorite?

There’s no question that Netflix is the most popular streaming service available today. It doesn’t only feature some of our favorite shows premiering on networks, but the streaming giant has plenty of original content as well. Just to name a few of its most popular shows, there’s You, Lucifer, Stranger Things, and Black Summer. 

Hulu and HBO Max are two tough competitors in the streaming industry. HBO Max, in particular, has several big movie features. Not that Hulu is staying behind, the service has a lot in store coming soon as well. Not to mention, Hulu is home to the award-winning series The Handmaid’s Tale, among others.

The best shows on streaming services today

What is your current favorite show on streaming? Whether you are searching for a new drama to begin watching or want a completed series to fall into on a long weekend or vacation, in the following slides, we share 50 must-see shows on streaming that are ready and waiting for your eyes.

Please note: While I did place my personal favorite shows in the top 20, all 50 of these shows on streaming are in random order!

A special thanks to my Hidden Remote team who helped put this together. 

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