Servant season 3 episode 1 recap: Why is Julian attacked by seagulls? (and more questions)

Servant season 3 on Apple TV+, image courtesy Apple TV
Servant season 3 on Apple TV+, image courtesy Apple TV /

Servant season 3 episode 1 is now streaming on Apple TV+ and chills creeped in instantly with that ominous, creepy lullaby jingle. What happens in the season 3 premiere, titled “Donkey”? Where is the Turner family now and were any questions answered in the first episode?

Spoiler alert! Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not watched the Servant season 3 premiere on Apple TV+ just yet. Watch it and then come chat with us! 

Instead of giving you a play-by-play recap, let’s break things down to the main events and questions we have from this episode.

What happens to Leanne in Servant season 3 episode 1?

“Donkey” begins with Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) waking up from a nightmare. We see her holding what appears to be a special dagger. Leanne is still feeling scared and paranoid after that haunting experience, and who can blame her? She tries to make a journal entry, but isn’t able to. One thing fans wondered about the season 2 finale, are Leanne’s powers. Is she still able to bring the dead back to life? Leanne tries to revive a dead moth in her room, but she fails.

Downstairs, everyone is in the opposite mood. In fact, Sean Turner (Toby Kebbell) is the most unrecognizable. It seems he has put the whole Leanne/cult experience behind him and he’s now all about being a dad, and he’s loving every minute of it. Sean and Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) are getting ready to feed Jericho baby food for the first time, Julian (Rupert Grint) is there, too. Julian is now out rehab and trying to stay clean.

It’s revealed that three months have past since the season 2 events. Everyone is just trying to move on, but Leanne isn’t comfortable. Leanne isn’t even able to go for a walk outside as she is suspicious of everyone.

Servant season 3 episode 1
Servant season 3 on Apple TV+, image courtesy Apple TV /

What is Sean up to in Servant season 3 episode 1?

Dorothy tasked Sean with accompanying Leanne and Jericho on their walk. Dorothy asks her husband to make sure Leanne makes it to the park this time. But after Dorothy leaves, Sean asks Julian to go on the walk with Leanne, instead. Julian asks his brother-in-law why he can’t go, Sean replies that he has “errands.” I don’t believe it. Where is Sean sneaking off to? Maybe there’s a reason why he’s so happy now.

Julian and Leanne have a dirty secret in Servant season 3 episode 1

On their walk, Julian brings up how the two should no longer be having sex. Gasp. Leanne! Here we thought it was a one-time thing. Leanne tells Sean he shouldn’t “try to be a better person,” and to just be himself, she also tells Julian that she enjoys their sex and doesn’t want to stop. Okay, girl!

Julian and Leanne do not make it to the park, by the way. Leanne spots a stranger she disapproves of and rushes back home with Jericho.

Why is Julian attacked by seagulls in Servant season 3 episode 1?

Dorothy, Sean, Jericho, and Julian and his date, go to the beach. Leanne was supposed to go, too, but she decides to stay, still too afraid to leave the home. While she’s at home, Leanne catches up on chores and throws away the moth from earlier, we then see a bunch of other moths she tried bringing back to life, revealing this wasn’t her first or second attempt.

While down in the basement, Leanne tries once again to write in her journal. She goes in a trance and scribbles. These random scribbles look like check marks, almost like birds. Just after this, Dorothy FaceTimes Leanne to check in on her. Dorothy tells Leanne that Julian was randomly attacked by seagulls. Leanne sits up in bed and grabs her journal, maybe what she drew are birds…seagulls. But what could all this mean?

Who is the intruder in Servant season 3 episode 1?

A man broke into the home and stole a few items, including Leanne’s dagger. I wonder, is this a random intruder like the police believe or someone from Leanne’s former cult. Leanne traps the intruder for a few seconds, just before the police arrive, she tells the intruder that she used to be like him, too. She tells him, “we weren’t reborn just to follow, we have our own light. We have a choice.” The man does not reply.

So was Leanne reborn to serve a purpose? The cult’s purpose?

What is behind the wall in Leanne’s room?

While hiding from the burglar, Leanne goes into the built-in dresser. There, she sees moths gathered together between the walls forming the shape of a human body. Aunt Josephine, I assume? Why doesn’t the body smell?

Final Servant season 3 episode 1 notes

  • Leanne doesn’t have many apps on her phone, but we did quickly spot the Apple TV+ app. Because OF COURSE!
  • Julian and Leanne sleeping together is a big no from me. Even if it’s just for funsies and they aren’t “a couple,” I do not like it.
  • If Leanne can’t give life to the dead anymore, why is Jericho still alive — and growing?? Don’t get me wrong, I’m attached to that adorable baby now, but I guess this is permanent whether Leanne gets her powers back or not?

Servant season 3 episode 2 premieres on Friday, Jan. 28, only on Apple TV+.

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