Adam and Mercy Catfish episode: Where are they now?

Catfish Season 8 on MTV, photo courtesy MTV
Catfish Season 8 on MTV, photo courtesy MTV /

Catfish season 8 episode 54, “Adam and Mercy,” had audiences on the edge of their seat (and a little upset, too). Adam is truly the sweetest soul we know! If you missed the Adam and Mercy Catfish episode, please note there are spoilers ahead!

This episode of the MTV reality show introduced us to Adam, a nice guy who has fallen for Mercy. They have never talked on the phone or actually met in person, they communicate via the WhatsApp app. If that’s not a big enough red flag, how about the fact that Mercy has asked Adam for money? Well, even though Adam had doubts, he still purchased an engagement ring for Mercy.

But before Adam pops the question, he reached out to Nev and Kamie to see if they are able to track down Mercy and get to the bottom of things. Is Mercy the real deal, your typical Catfish, or someone Adam already knows? Spoilers ahead!

Adam and Mercy Catfish spoilers: Who is Mercy?

Nev and Kamie were able to quickly learn that Mercy is, in fact, a fake identity. The woman in the pictures is an influencer with a huge following. “Mercy” finally agreed to get on Zoom with Nev, Kamie, and Adam, and the real person behind “Mercy” is: Frank, a man living in Africa.

Throughout the conversation, Frank is smirking and trying hard not to laugh. It’s obvious that he is not as sorry as he says he is, which is upsetting because Adam is such a sweet guy! In fact, after learning that Frank is having a rough time financially, Adam tells Frank that he will mail him the engagement ring so Frank can give it to his girlfriend. Adam, you are too kind! But, as Nev tells Adam, “you’re a great guy, but you’re a sucker.” Nev tells Adam not to change, but to think twice about the people he chats with online.

Adam and Mercy Catfish spoilers: Where are they now?

In the closing credits, it is revealed that Adam and Frank stayed in touch, but could not maintain a friendship. Adam says he has been humbled by the experience and wouldn’t change it, sharing that this has only made him stronger.

Meanwhile, Frank regrets breaking Adam’s heart and does understand why Adam doesn’t want to be friends. On the bright side, Frank shared that he saved up enough money to no longer be catfish and instead has opened his own electrical shop in his village.

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