Show off your Wizard’s Chess skills with this Harry Potter set that’s now over half off

Discover The Noble Collection's 'Harry Potter' Wizard's Chess set on Amazon.
Discover The Noble Collection's 'Harry Potter' Wizard's Chess set on Amazon. /

Throughout the Harry Potter movies, wizard’s chess is shown to be a favorite pastime among the students of Hogwarts (even though Hermione considers the magical version of the game to be barbaric). The game is heavily featured in the first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, where the trio has to compete in a life-sized version of the game. Now you can own a set inspired by it, and the best part, aside from being correctly sized, is that it’s currently on sale.

This replica of the set Harry, Ron, and Hermione use in the first film usually costs fans $100, but now it’s discounted by 51 percent, so all you have to pay is $49 to get your hands on it. The game, which is officially authorized by Warner Bros., was released by The Noble Collection. The company is known for crafting tons of collectibles based on beloved movie franchises, including The Lord of the RingsGame of ThronesJurassic Park, and more.

Discover The Noble Collection's 'Harry Potter' Wizard's Chess set on Amazon.
Discover The Noble Collection’s Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess set on Amazon. /

This game comes with an 18.5-inch-by 18.5-inch black and white chessboard that looks like marble and includes 32 pieces—one set of white and one set of metallic silver in pouches—that are crafted to look like the statues from the film, but measure up to 4 inches tall. The game parts are made out of plastic; despite this, the miniature figures have been crafted to show off every single detail possible. When you ask friends to play this game, you won’t have to worry about any pieces coming to life and whacking your fingers.

Many Potterheads have enjoyed playing this game, which has a 4.7-star rating with more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon. “A [nerd’s] perfect storm of chess and [Harry Potter],” wrote one customer. However, some shoppers noted that a few pieces are top-heavy and might fall over if not moved carefully on the board; several note that the queen, king, and bishop look very similar. Yet most people—81 percent of the reviews to be exact—gave the product a 5-star rating, with many saying how impressed they were with the design. “I’m pretty sure the kids are going to go nuts over this [game],” one reviewer wrote.

Be sure to go to Amazon to take advantage of this amazing deal on the Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess set and check out other prop replicas The Noble Collection has to offer.

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