What happened to Benny on Bull?

Photo credit: Bull/CBS by Jojo Whilden; Acquired via CBS Press Express
Photo credit: Bull/CBS by Jojo Whilden; Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Bull has seen a few cast changes over the years. One of those was the exit of Benny, but why did Freddy Rodriguez leave the series?

Benny was a loyal part of the TAC team from the very beginning. As Bull’s ex-brother-in-law, the two certainly butted heads at times but they also had similar ambitions.

Then during Bull Season 5, Benny was courted for the position of DA. It would allow Chunk to step up as the main lawyer for TAC, something that we’d seen Chunk working towards since he decided he wanted to go to law school and follow that dream of his past.

Benny made the decision to go for the position after all. He returned though, and it looked like Benny would be part of Season 6. That was until he suddenly wasn’t.

Why did Freedy Rodriguez leave Bull?

Benny’s storyline in Season 6 was dictated by some behind-the-scenes drama. This is a series that has had a messy history when it comes to workplace conduct, and during the Season 5-6 hiatus, we learned that Rodriguez was the next one to face misconduct allegations.

Rodriguez and showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron both left the series at the end of Season 5. This news arrived just before the Season 5 finale aired, and the news was certainly a shock to fans. Then the bigger details came out.

At the end of Season 5, multiple writers left the series. CBS needed to do an investigation into this, and that was when Caron left the series. Rodriguez then followed. We never did find out the full details of the investigation. All we know is there were some questions over the conduct of Caron and Rodriguez.

There wasn’t even time for a real exit storyline for Benny. It was just mentioned that Benny was happily married in Rome.

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What did you think of the way the series handled Freddy Rodriguez’s exit? What would you like to see from Bull before it ends? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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