Outlander season 6 finale: 5 questions left unanswered and loose ends

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

* Spoilers ahead for Outlander season 6 finale

It feels like yesterday that the long-awaited Outlander season 6 premiered, and somehow we’ve already reached the end. And what an ending it was!

The sixth season of the hit Starz show was originally supposed to be 12 episodes, but had to be shortened to eight for various reasons. Those include difficulty filming during the pandemic and lead actress Caitríona Balfe, who plays Claire Fraser, was pregnant.

Though it was shortened, some of the episodes were longer, and the remaining four episodes will be tagged onto the already confirmed season 7, which has begun filming.

Even if it was a shortened season, the show still managed to pack a punch and delivered one of the best finales in Outlander history! Though we were left with a cliffhanger, my heart palpitations have been able to settle and I think I can wait until season 7 arrives. But still, the finale left us with several loose ends.

5 questions left unanswered in Outlander season 6 finale

Will Jamie be able to rescue Claire?

Our most pressing question is whether Jamie will be able to break Claire out of jail in Wilmington. We know he’s going to find her, these two always do. And thankfully the show wasn’t cruel enough to leave us on a total cliffhanger. Young Ian tells Jamie they know where Claire is. But the question is whether or not they can get her out. Hopefully Brianna and Roger also hear the news and come help save the day. Or does she manage to get out on her own in some other way? Then Jamie will have to be looking for her. There’s a couple of ways the couple’s separation can go.

Will the Frasers ever go back to the Ridge?

We know Jamie and the Fraser family won’t leave Claire locked up. The only way out, unless someone like Lord John miraculously shows up, is if they break her out. This wouldn’t be the first time. But that does mean they might have to run away and become fugitives. The most heartbreaking part is that their home has turned against them. It may not be safe for them to go back to Fraser’s Ridge, especially because Claire is really seen as a witch now.

Who killed Malva and who is the baby’s father?

We would all definitely like to know the answers to both of these questions. They are the most pressing after what will Claire’s fate be going forward. I was hoping the show would answer at least one of these questions before the end of season 6, but we’ll have to a bit longer. Gah!

Why is Tom Christie helping the Frasers?

From the start of the season, we saw the tension between Jamie and Tom, but we also saw an  unexpected friendship grow between Claire and the Christie patriarch. In the finale, there was a very long look Tom gave an unknown Claire, but one Jamie definitely saw. He was also very keen on making sure she’s safe. Is Tom in love with her or does he have another motive?

What will Lizzie and the Beardsley’s do going forward?

In a very unexpected storyline, we find out Lizzie is pregnant in episode 7. But not just that. She’s in a throuple with the Beardsley twins and she doesn’t know who the father is. Though Jamie tried to marry her to Kezzie, the trio isn’t backing down from what they want that easily. But this is very scandalous if word got out and could be dangerous for Lizzie. Especially now that Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger, and Ian all aren’t on the Ridge.

Loose ends that still need tying up

  • Richard Brown and his Committee of Safety. This man has got to go.
  • Allan Christie. He just seems shady to me.
  • The American Revolution is right around the corner. Will Jamie and Claire still be a part of it? I feel like there’s more important things for them to be worrying about right now.

The full season of Outlander season 6 is streaming on Starz

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