The Moon Knight season 1 finale wraps up beautifully

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight in Marvel Studios' MOON KNIGHT, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.
Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight in Marvel Studios' MOON KNIGHT, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved. /

The Moon Knight season 1 finale is here and it’s so satisfying. Moon Knight has been taking viewers on an amazing ride since the release of episode 1. Oscar Isaac has shown time and time again that he was made for the roles of Steven Grant and Marc Spector. From polite oddities to a gruff exterior, Isaac has captured our hearts in such a way that we were devastated by the state of affairs at the end of episode 5. Steven saved Marc and was left for dead.

Episode 6 puts all of those dots that have been slowly connecting together into full motion, and what we get is truly wonderful. Despite being dead, Marc chooses a path away from everlasting eternal peace and harmony. Marc won’t leave Steven behind in the desert to waste away forever. This bond they share is what makes these characters lovable and compelling.

May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly and Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow continue to shine in their roles, while F. Murray Abraham’s role as Khonshu reappears after being set free from his stone prison.

The Moon Knight season 1 finale gives fans choices between heavenly peace and eternal damnation, letting one live or killing them, and it highlights a person’s right to choose whether a god has control of one’s body. The stakes are monumentally high as each character weighs the costs associated with those choices.

Moon Knight season 1 finale brings beautiful balance to those scales

It’s safe to say Harrow is decidedly evil. There isn’t any love lost for a person who wishes to kill those before they do evil. Remember the reality Steven pointed out in episode 2, “Maybe that’s just me, but I kind of draw the line there at child murder.” After releasing Ammit, Harrow takes the whole murdering thing up a notch.

This power is scary. Locked in an unbreakable grip, people are judged immediately. If you are aimed to do some harm in the future, your life is extinguished. Never has a power seemed quite as scary since watching beloved characters disappear in Avengers: Infinity War. Plus, the souls taken are then fed into the mouth of a giant crocodile. Yeah, not scary at all.

The emotional pull does not stop there as tension builds throughout the Moon Knight season 1 finale. From Layla trying to fend off goons or escaping a collapsing building, Steven and Marc running away from a massive sandstorm or engaging in a major battle in the heart of Cairo, the creators behind Moon Knight prove they are in serious need of another season.

Also, who knew that Harrow had some serious fighting skills? He’s able to handle Steven and Marc’s Moon Knight, along with Layla’s “temporary” role as avatar to Tawaret. Not only does Layla have incredible fighting gear, Antonia Salib’s voiceover gives fans lighthearted exchanges where this episode feels delightful in those moments.

Throughout the entirety of the Moon Knight season 1 finale, fans watch as there’s a buildup of Steven and Marc getting back to Moon Knight form and saving the day. Yet, they fail. In an epic turn where the “good guys” look like they’re going to lose against Harrow, things feel oddly reminiscent to the earlier episodes.

Marc and Steven briefly blackout after being pinned by Harrow’s powerful cane and soon to be obliterated, and then both of them stand victorious with bodies lying everywhere. Neither Steven, Marc nor Layla don’t know what happened, and this is such a magical component to this series where the main characters don’t know what’s going on.

Moon Knight episode 5
(L-R): Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant and Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow in Marvel Studios’ MOON KNIGHT. Photo by Gabor Kotschy. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved. /

The Moon Knight season 1 finale reiterates each character’s choices as Layla tells Marc he doesn’t have to kill Harrow. In choosing to let Harrow live, Steven and Marc find themselves floating through consciousness as they realize their way in dealing with things is okay. They’re not crazy and they’re okay with trying to save the world together instead of fighting each other for control. It’s a wonderful sequence because we find our hero back in bed before falling flat on his face because he forgot his ankle was strapped to the frame.

That ending alone makes the Moon Knight season 1 finale phenomenal as it wraps up right back where it started. However, it wouldn’t be Marvel if there wasn’t an end-credits’ scene. Harrow finds himself rolled out of his psychiatric ward, placed in a spiffy limousine and coming face-to-face with Khonshu. Harrow knows Khonshu himself cannot harm him. Unfortunately for the big baddie, Khonshu knows a secret that Harrow will now take to the grave.

Khonshu explains why he already has the avatar he’s always wanted, someone who won’t question who to kill. As Oscar Isaac’s face appears from the front seat, reality strikes Harrow square in the chest (along with a few bullets) as a new character is introduced. “Meet my friend, Jake Lockley.”

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