Has The Winchesters been picked up to series by The CW?

The CW made some shocking decisions on May 12 when it came to cancellations. What about pilots picked up? Is The Winchesters happening? Will we see the Supernatural prequel spin-off?

Supernatural was a wonderful series and remains the longest-running on The CW even though it ended in 2019. Yet, one thing it hasn’t managed to bring is a successful franchise. Every spin-off idea that has been brought to The CW has been turned down. Yes, some of us are still salty that Wayward Sisters wasn’t picked up to series.

So, when we learned a prequel spin-off was in the works, we paid close attention. This one, coming from Jensen Ackles, is based on Mary Campbell and John Winchester. It’s the tale of how they met, although it’s pretty clear that it’s not sticking to the canon created in the series.

With so many cancellations happening at The CW on Thursday, May 12, there was the question of whether we’d get more bad news about the Supernatural spin-off. Will The Winchesters happen?

Is The Winchesters picked up to series?

The CW gave us some positive news about the Supernatural spin-off. The Winchesters has been picked up to series. It is joined by Walker: Independence and Gotham Knights.

Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly will play John Winchester and Mary Campbell. It’s set in the time after John returns from the Vietnam War, just as Mary’s father, Samuel, is taken by some sort of supernatural creature. Mary teams with a group of hunters to go in search for her father, and John ends up joining in on the hunt.

It does change canon. In Supernatural, we learned that John didn’t know anything about hunting until after Mary’s death when Sam Winchesters was six months old. Dean and Sam only learned their mom was a hunter years later, and we learned that she wanted out of the hunting lifestyle, which she did mostly manage to gain when she married John. However, she remained hunting when necessary because you never really leave that life behind.

The Winchesters is likely to be part of the fall 2022 lineup.