What time is Spy x Family episode 7 coming out?

Spy x Family Episode 6 - Photo Courtesy: Crunchyroll
Spy x Family Episode 6 - Photo Courtesy: Crunchyroll /

Things are finally starting to heat up in Spy x Family, which means anime fans are in for a wild ride for the rest of season 1!

So far, the anime has given us plenty of wholesome episodes that depict the ins and outs of Loid Forger’s Operation Strix. Seldom have we seen the true dangers of this important mission, especially when it comes to the bad guys who will stop at nothing to get their way. However, the latest episode touched upon the not-so-joyous side of the mission in a way that’ll make you laugh, but will also make you ponder about the other obstacles that may be in store for the Forger family in the future.

While we wait to see what else is on the way for Spy x Family, let’s take a look at what’s coming and what we just received last week.

Spy x Family episode 7 release time

Save the date (and time)! Spy x Family episode 7 titled “The Target’s Second Son” will release on Saturday, May 21, at 11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT on Crunchyroll.

Spy x Family epsiode 6 recap

Now that Anya Forger is officially an Eden College student, she must look the part, which is why we begin episode 6 at the tailor.

At the uniform fitting, Yor, Loid, and the pink-haired child talk with the seamstress about various things about the school, including the ongoing cases of students getting kidnapped by outsiders and the potential bullying that may come from both students and alumni of the prestigious school. Because of this scary forewarning, Anya is now incessantly on the lookout for danger in every place.

Five days later, the uniform is finally done. Yor, and a still frightened Anya, are left to pick up the clothes since Loid has to attend his briefing with his handler, Sylvia Sherwood.

Spy x Family Episode 6 – Photo Courtesy: Crunchyroll
Spy x Family Episode 6 – Photo Courtesy: Crunchyroll /

Sylvia informs Loid of the second phase of Operation Strix, a phase that will require Anya to be on top of her game at school, for doing so will result in her earning eight Stellas.

Stellas are stars that students receive for earning good grades, being active in school activities, and being exemplar students. After earning eight Stellas, students will earn the title of “Imperial Scholar” and are invited to a special dinner where parents and students socialize.

If Anya ever is invited to this dinner, Loid will finally get the chance to get closer to his target, Donovan Desmond. (But this is a huge, massive “if”.)

Later, we see the rest of Anya and Yor’s outing together. The two seem to be getting along pretty well. That is until Yor feels unworthy of being called Anya’s mother. Her moment of doubt quickly dissipates, however, once Anya is kidnapped by no-good criminals. Yor quickly jumps into extreme mommy mode and threatens the life of the kidnappers. Before they flee from the menacing assassin, Yor reminds them that she will not stand for anyone who seeks to hurt her child. A notion Anya is greatly moved by.

Although the imminent threat is gone, Anya still wants to train to become stronger to fight off those who wish to bring her harm. And so, Yor trains her. (A blunder, in hindsight!)

At long last, we arrive at Eden College’s orientation. We see Anya meet all of her classmates, including Donovan’s son, Damian, who Loid will use as his backup plan to get closer to his target. But this proves to be easier said than done because Damian is a jerk who incessantly picks on Anya.

Spy x Family Episode 6 – Photo Courtesy: Crunchyroll
Spy x Family Episode 6 – Photo Courtesy: Crunchyroll /

On the school tour, Damian’s bullying continues. So much so that Anya is truly left with no other option than to sucker punch him square in the face. Of course, she does everything to wiggle her way out of trouble. Besides the obvious lies, Anya convinces the Headmaster that the punch was in self-defense, which results in her consequences being lowered…but not completely erased.

Anya earns a Thunderbolt (the opposite of a Stella) because of her misbehavior, threatening all of Loid’s plans to take down Donovan.

Will Anya ever be in good graces with Damian? What other backup plans does Loid have up his sleeve? What lies ahead for Yor in the future? We’ll have to tune in to find out!

Catch Spy x Family episode 7 officially streaming on Saturday, May 21, on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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