5 titles to watch on Acorn TV in June 2022

London Kills -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
London Kills -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /

While things are a little quieter than normal on Acorn TV, there’s still plenty to get excited about. Here are five titles you want to watch this month.

Acorn TV is the home of everything British, Canadian, New Zealand, and more. Just everything that’s not based or set in the United States. It’s a chance to see the content from all over the world, bringing fresh stories and gritty dramas.

Things are on the quiet side for the streamer this month. That cuts out some of the overwhelm, and makes it easier to focus on the new arrivals well. You won’t want to miss what is coming.

5 must-watch titles on Acorn TV this month

This list is in release date order to make it easier for your schedule management.

Murdoch Mysteries Season 15

We start with the new episodes of Murdoch Mysteries Season 15. Episodes 15 to 18 will drop throughout this month, continuing the tales of Murdoch and his fellow crime fighters. Murdoch continues to bring his inventions to the early 20th century, even if people are skeptical of their effects.

There are 24 episodes to the season, so there are still many more weeks filled.

The episodes drop weekly on Mondays, starting on June 6 this month.

London Kills Season 3

You’ve seen the first two seasons, and now it’s time to get back into the gripping and gritty UK crime drama London Kills. David Bradford is back with Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole, Detective Constable Rob Brady, and Trainee Detective Constable Billie Fitzgerald.

This time the team is dealing with a string of killings that may all be linked. To make it worse fo them, the killer has information from within the police service. Who is betraying their own? How can they catch the perp when their evidence is being leaked?

Watch the full season on Monday, June 6.


If you love British legal dramas and want to figure out more about how that justice system works, you’ll want to check out the drama Crownies. This series follows a group of soliciters who are just out of law school. They’ll work with the Crown Prosecutors to get justice for the victims.

The series brings out the moral dilemmas of what should be a civilised society. Meanwhile, we see how the new recruits deal with the sudden fast pace of their environment.

Watch all episodes on Monday, June 13.

Hidden Season 3

Another popular series is Hidden, and the third season is dropping on Acorn TV this month. This season will see Cadi and Vaughan called in to investigate a case that involves a man’s body in a river.

The case has a connection to a Polish worker at the old hospital. He doesn’t want to share anything, but can Cadi and Vaughan convince him otherwise? What is going on within this mystery?

Watch all episodes on Monday, June 20.

Martin Clunes: Island of the Pacific

Martin Clunes is back with another installment in his travel series. This time, he’s heading out to find the real Pacific, with everything inspired by the book about the Kon-Tiki expedition; a book his father gave him.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on the planet, and there are thousands of islands across the waters. From jungles to volcanoes, Clunes is taking us on an adventure to remember.

Watch the series on Monday, June 27.

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