Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin episodes 1-3 ending explained: Beware A

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max .
Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max . /
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“Spirit Week.” Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Photo:Barbara Nitke/HBO Max.
“Spirit Week.” Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Photo:Barbara Nitke/HBO Max. /

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin episode 1 ending explained: Watch your back, Karen!

Episode 1–“Spirit Week”–introduced us to the town of Millwood. Despite the teens at the center of this story being in the latest fashion trends, this little Pennsylvania slice of small town living is full of rundown buildings. However, it’s also a diverse community that embraces its residents for who they are…for the most part.

At Millwood High, there’s Karen Beasley to contend with. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is quite on the nose with her characterization. Karen’s a white, blonde teen obsessed with perfection and being the best. She’s always saying something off-color with little remorse, and she’s entitled. As the episode progressed, we learned that she and Imogene had once been best friends.

They fell out over Greg, Karen’s boyfriend who swears it was Imogene who kissed him at a party and not the other way around. That’s why she’d been at Imogene’s house the night her former friend’s mother supposedly committed suicide. You’d think finding the woman’s body in the bathtub would have softened Karen, but it didn’t. She remained the worst all episode.

In fact, in the premiere’s ending sequence, it appeared as if Karen were responsible for Imogene, Tabby, Mouse, Noa, and Faran having to serve detention. Karen had been running for Spirit Queen unopposed until Imogene got into the race. The pregnant teen had done so after the principal of the school made her aware that he’d received a complaint that her presence was triggering.

Imogene believed Karen sabotaged her own campaign posters so that she could accuse her of vandalism and intimidation. And that she looped Tabby into the lie because the two are inseparable now that Imogene has gone to live with her and her mother, Sydney. Yes, that Sydney. Just like Imogene’s mother is that Davie.

Mouse was accused of putting a dead rat in Karen’s backpack, a nod to the fact that the mean girl refers to her as “rodent.” Noa failed a drug test even though she hasn’t been smoking weed. Karen’s twin sister Kelly works in the nurse’s office which led Noa to the conclusion that she, too, has been brought into Karen’s sick game.

As for Faran, when Karen removed razor blades from her point shoes, the blame was immediately put on the prima ballerina. Nonsensically, even the ballet teacher went along with the accusation even though Faran had no motive for attacking her classmate.

Refusing to put up with anymore of Karen’s behavior, this newly founded quintet decided to band together to give the mean girl exactly what she deserves. But, in chilling fashion, the episode ended with Imogene declaring they should kill Karen. We had to do a double take with that one.

Do the girls kill Karen? Read on for details on episode 2.