The Walking Dead: Isle of The Dead has a new name for AMC’s Spinoff

Isle of the Dead is now as dead as its name. The official title is now The Walking Dead: Dead City. Another title that makes good sense for the show. As a million walkers have now crowded the island making survival very complicated.

AMC confirmed the news to EW that the Negan and Maggie spinoff would now embark on this new name. Some are a little surprised as Isle of the Dead had already become popular among the fans. So much so that a lot of fan art has already been made. There has been some other projects in film history with the same name, so that could be why the change was made.

Dead City will premiere sometime later in 2023 and fans are already anticipating the dynamic between the once villain Negan Smith teaming up with Maggie Rhee. You can expect lots of fights and lots of action in this upcoming thriller for fans.

Filming began in July for the series and will carrying on through the fall. Jeffrey Dean Morgan said he is beyond excited to show you what they are cooking up. He exclaimed the backdrop is incredible but the story that showrunner Eli Jorn’e has come up with is even more incredible.

What will happen in The Walking Dead: Dead City?

How Maggie and Negan get to New York City is still yet to be seen. We do know that Manhattan was cut off from the rest of New York. The bridges and any form of transportation was taken out by the government. The only way they can get from point a to point b is by zip lining. Which will make for some pretty awesome television. Not to mention the back drop of one of the most beautiful skylines on the planet.

It’s a crumbling city and terror will be all around them. A much different atmosphere than where they came from. Alexandria and Hilltop probably seem like heaven next to it. But an apocalypse in an urban setting is going to be eye catching, and something new and exciting we haven’t seen before.

Negan and Maggie will surely be and interesting and intriguing pair. The filming pictures and videos have been all over social media and we have seen Negan and Maggie battling each other. To working together. It’s never going to be sunshine and roses with this pair but you can bet it will be one entertaining show.