Who was eliminated on LEGO Masters season 3 episode 1?

LEGO Masters is back and we couldn’t be more ready to get our brick on! The season 3 premiere was out of this world. No, literally, the first challenge was to build a space station and add their own personality to it. Who amazed the judges and who was the first team eliminated in LEGO Masters season 3? Spoilers ahead if you missed the episode.

Final spoiler warning! Did you miss the LEGO Masters season 3 premiere? Go stream the episode on Hulu before reading ahead.

I don’t know about you, but this season of LEGO Masters has so many fun and talented teams! I’m not even sure who I love the most! There’s a mom and dad duo, a brother and sister team, firefighters, grandpas, BFFs, and more!

Jessica Meir, an American-Swedish NASA astronaut, marine biologist, and physiologist, appeared to surprise the teams. Meir announced that the winning build would be displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. How cool is that? And that wasn’t the only surprise, the team also received a call from a satellite. LEGO Masters season 3 is sparing NO expense.

Who was eliminated on LEGO Masters season 3 episode 1?

Each team delivered some great and super creative builds! But, sadly, someone had to go home at the end of the night. But first, let’s reveal the winner of the space challenge! The team that will have their space station build displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, is: Stephen and Stephen, the firefighter duo! Now, for the elimination, the team that went home, was Drew and Miranda.

Don’t miss LEGO Master season 3 episode 2, “Jurass-brick World,” on Wednesday, Sept. 28, only on FOX. Which team are you rooting for this seas on? Do you have a favorite yet or do you want to see a few more challenges before you make up your mind?