The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Oct. 3): Hope is officially Team Thomas

Annika Noelle of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS
Annika Noelle of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS /

Well, Bold fans, if Friday’s episode was a recap of what happened over the week, then today’s was set-up for what’s to come. The board looks like it’s about to be reset on The Bold and the Beautiful as the characters deal with the fallout from last week’s ‘Who called CPS?’ storyline.

The whodunit plot is starting to wear a little thin now that we’ve had days of speculation over whether Brooke or Thomas called. However, I’ll acknowledge that the show is starting to make clear which one of them made this potentially life altering decision.

After all, there’s only so many times Brooke can unconvincingly claim to not know who might have brought in the authorities whilst also providing cover for this supposed anonymous person who may have had Douglas’ best interests at heart.

Not even Hope seemed to be buying what her mother was selling. She even went as far as to stick up for Thomas when Brooke slandered his parenting skills this episode. Will surprises on this show ever cease? Not that I’m complaining about this turn of events. Personally, I like Thomas and Hope’s relationship.

Here’s how things shook out in today’s episode.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Oct. 3)

In true Hope fashion, Brooke’s youngest daughter came barreling through the curtains in her mother’s living room, eyes wild and in a panic. She’d just heard from Liam that Child Protective Services paid the Forrester Mansion a visit and, understandably, wasn’t happy about it.

The fact that Brooke wasn’t the one who told her had my alarm bells ringing. This is a woman who takes every opportunity to crow about Thomas’ shortcomings and yet she left it up to her son-in-law to inform her daughter about what happened.

The two went back and forth about the event with Hope making clear to Brooke that she’s concerned about how much of an ordeal this must have been for Thomas and Douglas both. She sympathized with the emotions her son’s father must be dealing with after being questioned by complete strangers about his parenting and the safety of their child.

Brooke, ever the opportunist, suggested to Hope that she could use this as a means of bringing Douglas home to Logan Manor where she believes he belongs. Her daughter didn’t take kindly to that suggestion. In fact, she accused her mother of sounding just like Liam.

The comment took Brooke by surprise as did Hope’s tone. It was disdainful. If the Logan had been paying more attention to the words coming out of her daughter’s mouth and the expressions on her face, she would have realized awhile ago that Hope is on Thomas’ side and has been since her first visit to the mansion to check on Douglas.

While we haven’t seen all the house calls Hope has been making over there, we have gotten dialogue that she does so daily and has seen no cause for concern. She’s outright stated that she’s been enjoying seeing the bond strengthen between her son and his father, and that she doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize what they’re building together.

Today, however, seems to be the first time that Brooke has actually heard her. Though that’s not to say that she was being taken seriously. As firm as Hope was about the patronizing comments she’s been enduring from Brooke (and Liam), her mother’s reaction seemed to err on the side of believing that Thomas has his hooks in Hope again.

Admittedly, Brooke didn’t say anything of the like, but a look can say a thousand words and the one she leveled at her daughter spoke volumes. Not to mention, she’d already said earlier in the conversation that Hope was spending far too much time with Thomas between her visits to the mansion and her work life with him due to Hope for the Future.

Too bad, it’s not being acknowledged by Brooke or Liam that Hope is choosing to go see her son at the mansion and it’s her behavior that’s making the situation with Thomas a “packaged deal” arrangement. At least onscreen, Thomas has never insinuated or said that she can only see Douglas over there. Perhaps she just likes hanging out with the father-son duo. It’s really not that deep…or it isn’t yet.

Hope’s concern for Thomas, which isn’t a new thing no matter how much it’s catching Brooke off guard, was great enough to send her out of the house to go see him at work. She wanted to check-in about Douglas and hear for herself that everything is okay.

That left Brooke home alone to wait for Ridge. A running theme of this storyline has been her inability to stay in communication with her husband when there’s been emotional upheaval. The same thing happened today as she kept checking her phone in hopes of receiving a text from him in reply to her inquiry about when he’d be coming home.

By the end of the episode, Ridge did make his way to Logan Manor. He was hot off a conversation with Thomas that was essentially a rehash of Friday’s and boiled down to Brooke made the call, it’s obvious it was her, that’s her voice on the recording, she’s lying to you, etc., etc.

Ridge wanted to give Brooke an opportunity to come clean to him. It’s been unclear whether or not he feels the CPS call is a divorce worthy offense or the potential of his wife lying to him once again is, but in either case Ridge has been sick over this whole ordeal.

Brooke, unfortunately, only made matters worse. As nice as it was that she wanted to schedule yet another romantic night together, this time at a local restaurant, considering everything that happened at the mansion, it just wasn’t the move to make.

Nor was her odd defense of the supposedly anonymous person who lodged the complaint with CPS. When Ridge told her that he and Thomas want to know who made the call, she asked whether Thomas had crossed someone recently. When he mentioned Douglas had been questioned, she said that maybe the person didn’t know Douglas would be there.

The scenarios Brooke posited only made her look even more guilty especially because they were bad. Clearly, she was hiding something and Ridge knew it so he made up an excuse to get out of the conversation and left the house. I’m going to guess now that that dinner reservation is canceled. Sorry, Brooke, that’s another romantic evening down the drain.

Speaking of romance, Taylor and Steffy jetted off to Aspen, one of the most romantic locations in The Bold and the Beautiful history. This is the place where triangles are flipped, relationships are renewed, and the show shifts in a different direction.

For as much as Taylor said she’s given up on Ridge and wants to move on, I believe most viewers watching know that conviction is about to be tested. Not mention, the writers wouldn’t have Steffy working extra hard to get her mom to keep the door open to her father if that weren’t the case.

Strap in, Bold fans, our favorite soap is about to take us on a ride!

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