Jordan Peele’s Nope is coming to your home screen this November

Nope movie from Universal Pictures
Nope movie from Universal Pictures /

Whether you have been waiting for Nope, Jordan Peele’s latest horror feature, to leave theaters or simply want to rewatch the movie, it’s coming to your living room in November 2022. Here’s where to stream Nope online, when it’s available, and if you can watch it for free.

Once again, Jordan Peele has stitched together the perfect blend of horror and comedy with NopeEven though the world of entertainment has changed and we can enjoy most of our favorite movies and shows online via one of the many streaming platforms, some movies deserve the big-screen experience, and Nope fits the bill. However, if you weren’t able to see it in theaters, now you can! And those who did enjoy it on the big-screen can now watch the movie online.

When is Nope streaming on Peacock?

Now, my first guess for where I thought Nope would land, was HBO Max. When I think about big featured films, HBO Max always comes to mind. But Jordan Peele’s horror film is not going to HBO Max, or Hulu, or even Netflix. Instead, it’ll be waiting for you on Peacock on Friday, Nov. 18.

The sci-fi horror will exclusively be available to stream on Peacock beginning Nov. 18, but you’ll need a Peacock Premium account, which is about $4.99 a month before taxes. If you ask me, it’s well worth it.

Peacock is one of the newer streaming services, but it is quickly catching up to its competitors with new, engaging programming and a great selection of movies. At the moment, horror fans have been streaming Halloween Endsand other fun movies that are perfect for the Halloween season.

Additionally, Peacock will also stream a documentary that shares the making of the movie. It includes interviews with the cast and crew, as well as plenty of behind-the-scenes footage.

Can you watch Nope on Peacock for free?

Sort of! If you are a new subscriber, you can take advantage of a free trial and watch the movie at no cost to you. Other horror movies to enjoy while you have a free trial, include The Black Phone, Beasts and others. There is plenty for the kids to enjoy, too, including Minions: The Rise of Gru and Jurassic World Dominion. 

As far as TV goes, the streaming platform is the exclusive home for NBC shows (next-day).

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