The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Oct. 21): Ridge and Taylor are back

Coverage of the CBS series The Bold and the Beautiful, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester and Krista Allen as Dr. Taylor Hayes. Sean Smith/CBS 2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Coverage of the CBS series The Bold and the Beautiful, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester and Krista Allen as Dr. Taylor Hayes. Sean Smith/CBS 2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

It was another Friday snoozer on The Bold and the Beautiful, and today’s episode didn’t have the excuse of being one that was meant to air on a Thursday. But at least we got to see Justin Barber make his return on screen and Ridge and Taylor finally came home from Aspen.

Thomas looked to be feeling a little guilty for how his parents got together but not enough to walk back his manipulation. Steffy was oblivious to her brother’s weird mood as she was too busy celebrating the now unified Forrester family though it’s unclear how long this reunion is going to remain without strife considering Ridge’s longing glance at Brooke’s picture.

Elsewhere, Carter and Katie were showering each other with compliments and flirting as they have been since Monday. Their romantic chemistry is apparent, but it’s hard investing in their relationship right now because Carter’s moving on rather quickly…again

There’s really not much to say about this episode, but there were some story bits that seem to be hinting at future plots coming down the pipe.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Oct. 21)

First, Thomas arrived at Steffy’s, announcing himself so that she and Finn could cover up if they were undressed. The playful banter between the siblings was a reminder to viewers that Steffy and her husband are still in romantic bliss and enjoying their time back together. Finn, however, wasn’t home and Steffy had been working at her dining room table.

Ever the meddler, she nudged Thomas about his dating life. He shared that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and is primarily focused on his son. Inquiries like this usually mean a character is about to get a love interest in the near future, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re introduced to someone soon especially considering the deal Forrester Creations just closed.

While few details were shared about the deal during Justin and Katie’s scene, it was noted that the contract Katie was signing was big for her. She’s the head of marketing at the fashion firm so there’s many directions the writers can take if the deal is going to introduce a new character or two to mix things up on the soap.

Said scene was important enough to include in the synopsis for today’s episode and for Justin to be the one sitting with Katie as she signed the contract. Carter is a part of this, too, as COO and something tells me this deal may play into a storyline involving Hope for the Future considering all the work that’s been going into it over the past couple of months.

Hopefully, this is a plot that’s going somewhere and not window dressing that gets forgotten about because I’m intrigued. Less intriguing were the scenes between Carter and Katie. The Bold and the Beautiful is still working to lay Quarter to rest. Yesterday, Carter got closure and now he’s ready to move on. That’s basically all Karter talked about in their scenes when they weren’t talking about the end of Brooke’s marriage to Ridge.

They shared another kiss after Carter assured Katie that he’s always seen her and all of the wonderful qualities that make up who she is. But, as a viewer done with Carter’s endless romantic entanglements, their flirtation didn’t read that differently from his past relationships especially with all the innuendos, euphemisms, and mentions of his looks/skills in the bedroom. Lawrence Saint-Victor and Heather Tom have a lot of chemistry though I won’t deny that.

As do Thorsten Kaye and Krista Allen. There’s a joy that exuded from them as Ridge and Taylor this episode when they came home to Steffy’s house. The pair had been spending quality time together in Aspen and had yet to come back down from cloud nine even though they’ve returned to California.

They cutely retold the story of their reunion to Thomas after he asked them to fill him in. He jokingly reminded his parents that Steffy’s not a good storyteller and they launched into a recap of the events complete with footage for audience members who missed their Aspen adventures. All throughout the endearing family scene, Thomas’ happiness was tainted with guilty.

The CPS call was weighing on him though it was also clear that he doesn’t regret putting his parents’ back together by any means necessary. Their reunion, however, was triggered by deception and this may not be a plotline that the writers bury under other stories considering Brooke is desperate for answers.

She told Hope that Ridge had texted her and that he would be coming to Logan Manor. It must have been a short text because neither woman knows what Ridge plans to do once he arrives. Hope saw the message as a good sign and that maybe her mother can convince him not to end their marriage, but Brooke has been ping ponging between being an optimist and believing she’s lost the love of her life so she wasn’t as certain as her daughter.

Once again, the two blamed Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas for Ridge’s choices. Hope claimed they were invalidating his connection with Brooke. While her mom put the blame solely on their shoulders for why she’s without her husband. The conversation essentially went nowhere but Bridge fans can anticipate a heartfelt and heartbreaking talk between the potentially soon-to-be divorced couple soon.

Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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