The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Nov. 17): Douglas stays silent

Thorsten Kaye of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS 2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Thorsten Kaye of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS 2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

In all honesty, The Bold and the Beautiful episode today served as filler. The talk at Forrester Mansion after the bombshell Ridge dropped went the way many guessed. While Douglas and Thomas kept exchanging looks, neither told the truth about the CPS call to their family.

Eric didn’t want to believe Brooke would do such a thing which led to Thomas and Ridge rehashing the events that led to the CPS call and Brooke’s reaction when asked about it by her now ex-husband. Ridge said she inquired who would do something like that to Thomas but, those of us who’ve been following along with this storyline from the beginning, know that’s not entirely true.

She was shocked it happened, but she also made excuses for the mysterious person who could have placed the call. Brooke showed more leniency and understanding for a stranger who she claims may have had Douglas’ best interests at heart than she has for Thomas. So, it was odd hearing Ridge make it appear as if she, too, was concerned that someone would hurt his son like that when we know she’d rather Thomas only see Douglas at Hope’s discretion and minimally.

Sure, Ridge thinks it was a ruse. But, we know she didn’t make the call so when the truth comes to light, he’s going to see her concern for Thomas as sincere when that’s not even how the moment went down. The latter half of this storyline has been working overtime to cast Brooke in a better light and that continued in today’s episode.

What happened today on the Bold and the Beautiful?

While the Forresters were dealing with Ridge’s revelation, the Logan women (sans Hope) were discussing the upcoming wedding. Katie assured Brooke that Tridge’s marriage is doomed from the beginning. Donna told her that really Taylor should be seeing Ridge going between two women as a red flag but somehow skipped past the part that that should also be a red flag for Brooke, too.

Brooke has been left brokenhearted. Ridge handled their separation callously. He didn’t give her the courtesy of a divorce and instead got her to sign annulment papers. Brooke did so because she thought it was what he needed, but she didn’t know it’s because he wanted to marry Taylor as soon as possible. The man erased their marriage so that he could form what he believes will be a lasting one with his best friend, the mother of his oldest children.

They’re getting married the next day, and he didn’t have intentions on telling Brooke anything. He let news travel to her instead. So, as much as Katie and Donna are talking about Ridge’s undying love for their sister, he’s still choosing to be incredibly hurtful in the way he’s going about all of this.

Granted, there’s a significant plot reason for why he couldn’t tell Brooke what he thinks he knows about the CPS call, but leaving someone utterly confused on why you’re ending your relationship isn’t a good look. Brooke sisters, however, didn’t speak to that reality or Ridge’s actions that have caused her so much hurt beyond believing he’s making a mistake and a marriage with Taylor can’t possibly be what he wants.

The question of Ridge’s motives came up at the mansion as well. Eric couldn’t believe that Brooke would bring the authorities down on Thomas. Ridge insisted that she did and asked his son to back him up. For his part, Thomas was a bit busy trying not to look guilty and exchanging pointed looks with Douglas as they both willed each other to do what they perceive is the right thing.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Thomas disappointed his son by continuing on with the story he fabricated. Douglas kept silent and was later sent upstairs so the adults could delve deeper into the CPS call situation. Thomas let them think they were all shielding him from Brooke’s “actions” when he really got his child and his guilt inducing eyes out of the way.

With Eric still unable to accept what he’d been told and Steffy and Finn inquiring about what happened as well, Ridge and Thomas told them the story starting with Brooke flying off the handle about Thomas’ pocket knife and ending with their decision to contact their former employee Walter so they could hear who called CPS.

When asked if he confronted Brooke, Ridge touted the same line that he’s been saying. He gave her every opportunity to come clean. In truth, he didn’t really because, with exception to the two times he brought up the CPS call, their conversations haven’t touched on that specific breaking point in their relationship.

As I mentioned earlier, Ridge did say that when he told her about the CPS call she wondered who would do something like that to Thomas which did happen but not with the note of concern for his son that Ridge has inserted into that exchange.

Steffy was understandably outraged. Thomas was uncharacteristically willing to let the situation go to focus on his dad leaving Brooke, but his family didn’t point that out. Talk about red flags. If Brooke actually had made that call, no one would have heard the end of it. He would have confronted her immediately just like his sister wanted to do once she found out.

The Forresters, however, didn’t pick up on that but Steffy did notice her mother’s discomfort. While Taylor had also been disturbed by what Brooke had supposedly done, it was obvious that she was more rocked by the idea that Ridge came running to her in Aspen after Brooke disappointed him. She brought it up more than once but strayed away from asking the question she really wanted to pose to him.

Instead, Steffy did it for her. She asked her dad point blank if he’s marrying her mom because of what Brooke did. It clearly took something from Steffy to ask the question because she wants to believe that Ridge realized that he belongs with Taylor, but he needed to be asked once more about his intentions.

Ridge said that he’s not marrying Taylor because of Brooke. Speaking directly to his best friend, he stated that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her because he deserves loyalty and honesty. Ridge has chosen a life where he doesn’t have to question his partner and Taylor promised that she’d always be honest with him.

Expressing once more that she’s choosing to place her trust in Ridge, she also said that she’s going to make this marriage really good for him. The two shared a sweet kiss, sealing the promises they were making to each other. Thomas lent his own words to the moment as well, but affirming that Ridge didn’t choose her because of Brooke doesn’t mean much coming from him given the truth.

The family toasted Tridge, who kissed again before Steffy pulled them apart mid-kiss so she and Taylor could discuss wedding prep upstairs. The cute family moment, which included Thomas feeling left out when he’s a designer and is an expert when it comes to fashion, was heartwarming as was Ridge’s dazed stumble when Taylor was unceremoniously yanked out of his arms by their daughter.

But, the mood dipped when his thoughts wandered to Brooke, proving Katie right that he is thinking about her. She and Donna urged their sister not to give up hope and the story is doing the same if that side-by-side shot of Bridge is anything to go off of. So, if you’re Team Bridge, don’t count yourselves out just yet.

Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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