The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Nov. 21): Douglas tells Steffy

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The cat is out of the bag…again! Douglas told Steffy the truth about the CPS call today on The Bold and the Beautiful. And he did so before the wedding, now the ball is in his aunt’s court to make a move if she so chooses. But, if she chooses to stay quiet, she’ll be in the same boat as Thomas who’s been looking guiltier and guiltier the more his parents talk about how proud they are of him and the changes he’s made in his life.

Meanwhile, back at Logan Manor, Bill was shut down hard by Brooke. However, he’s a resilient man who can stomach a lot apparently because he tried to get back on Katie’s radar moments later as if he wasn’t just promising her sister his love and devotion. Yes, Carter was still hanging out in the wings so do expect him to have something to say sooner rather than later.

Here’s the full rundown of today’s episode.

What happened on The Bold and the Beautiful today?

The soap wasted no time getting Brooke to tell Bill he’s not the one. Sure, she spent Friday’s episode listening to him go on about how no one will love her like he does, but she was being polite. Bill sees her as the love of his life, but the feeling isn’t mutual. That place is firmly held by Ridge and hasn’t changed in decades.

Carter overheard all of their conversation which means he’ll be able to tell Ridge that Brooke turned Bill down if he chooses to bring his best friend up to speed on the happenings at Logan Manor. First, however, he’ll likely have to break up the makeshift reunion speech that Bill came up with on the spot as soon as Katie walked through the door.

This man has been speaking endlessly to Brooke about the future they could have together but since she wouldn’t budge, it looks like he’ll settle for Katie. And I do mean settle since Brooke barely got up the stairs good before Bill started laying it on thick with her sister.

Katie guessed correctly that he was there to win Brooke back, but he lied and said that he was actually at the manor to try to get Katie to come back to him. Bill is the king of lies and, maybe in the past this little speech would have shaken Katie’s resolve to stay apart, but Carter is literally there waiting in the wings.

He heard everything and while he didn’t bust through those sheer curtains today to let Katie know that Bill has the nerve to be asking for her heart when he just tried to give his to Brooke, I doubt he’ll be standing there for much longer. He is, after all, vying for Katie’s affections, too. But even if he weren’t, I don’t see how anyone could let Bill lie to her like this when they have eyewitness testimony to share on how little he values her considering what he’s currently doing.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Mansion, preparations for the wedding were still under way. Steffy shared a sweet phone call with Finn, letting him know that Liam had Kelly dressed and ready to go to be there for her grandparents’ big day.

Thomas endured yet another speech from his dad about how proud of him he is. Guilt is all over that man’s face every time he hugs Ridge. He didn’t escape it with Taylor either when he went to go see his mom. As bubbly and cute as their exchange was, Thomas couldn’t help but feel his conscience stirring as she thanked him for his support and all that he’s done to make this day possible for her and his father.

I’m of the same mind as Thomas when it comes to Ridge, the man would have found his way back to Taylor eventually. But now no one will be able to rest in that belief comfortably because of Thomas’ actions which Steffy became privy to today.

After being told that her nephew isn’t feeling that well, she went upstairs to check on him. Ever the dutiful aunt, she spoke kindly to Douglas, trying to get to the root of what’s upsetting him. He didn’t want to disobey his father, but he’s also been very stressed out since he found out Thomas’ secret, so once Steffy promised that she’d handle her brother, he began to tell her the truth of what happened.

Douglas also played the recordings for Steffy so she could hear the truth for herself. Having this information, however, means she now has to make a choice. Will she tell her parents and let the chips fall where they may? Or will she keep quiet so that she can see the dream of her parents remarrying realized? It’s up in the air, but I’m sure we can bet on her confronting her brother before the ceremony begins.

As for Ridge, Eric asked him once again if he’s sure about marrying Taylor. It’s not that he doesn’t believe that his son loves his best friend, Eric just knows how strongly he’s always felt for Brooke. Ridge didn’t dispute him when his father called Brooke the love of his life, but he did remind Eric of what he said about surrounding himself with the people that make him better.

The insinuation there seemed to be that that’s what Taylor does for him, which is a nod back to the speeches he’s made to her and his children about how he wants to be a better man for them and himself. We’ll see if he’ll hold to that reasoning once the truth comes out but for now, like Taylor, I’ll be taking Ridge at his word for why he’s moving on from Brooke.

Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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