The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers (Nov. 28-Dec. 2): The truth is out!

Taylor and Ridge’s wedding began on Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, but there’s no guarantee that the two will exchange vows given what Taylor learned about the CPS call. Now that she knows about her son’s manipulation, it’s going to be difficult keeping it secret.

Steffy urged her mom to tell the truth. She strongly believes that her parents’ can’t start their lives together with this lie hanging over them. Ridge needs to choose Taylor without the influence of Brooke’s supposed betrayal and that can’t happen if he isn’t told the truth.

Thomas, however, is of the mind that his dad doesn’t need to know. Yes, he’s worried about his relationship with him, but he’s also certain that Ridge was being truthful about his intentions. Ridge has been telling Taylor that he’s marrying her because he loves her not because Brooke hurt him again.

If that’s the case though, the truth coming out shouldn’t derail Tridge completely, right? That may all depend on whether or not Taylor’s the one to tell him. We’ll be finding out next week and I have to tell you, Bold fans, you won’t want to miss the fallout from this secret being dragged into the light!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers (Nov. 28-Dec. 2)

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Per Daytime Royalty Online:

Monday, Nov. 28

As Brooke aches for her “destiny” with Ridge, his wedding with Taylor is underway.

The truth comes out about the CPS call but in a way that’s unexpected.

Tuesday, Nov. 29

Sheila and Deacon get into it over Brooke and Taylor.

A once solid relationship suffers irreparable harm after a betrayal.

Wednesday, Nov. 30

The fallout from the truth is colossal as everyone deals with the aftermath.

Thursday, Dec. 1

Steffy and Thomas argue now that chaos has consumed their family.

Deacon riles Bill up when he realizes he may have the upper hand over the CEO.

Friday, Dec. 2

For the first time since the wedding, Taylor and Brooke come face-to-face.

Steffy promises that Thomas will suffer repercussions for what he’s done.

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