Where will Bones and All stream after theaters?

As we enter awards season, movie buffs are racing to the theaters and finding whatever they can on streaming to get caught up with the best and most talked-about movies of the year. One of those would be Bones and All, which had a limited theatrical release before hitting theaters across the United States starting today, Nov. 23. The romance-horror comes from Academy Award-nominated director Luca Guadagnino, with actors Taylor Russell (Waves, Escape Room) and Timothée Chalamet (Dune, Call Me by Your Name) as the two leads.

The critically acclaimed film follows a young woman named Maren who is abandoned by her dad and decides she wants to travel across the country to find her mom. Apart from her search to find her identity and where she came from, she also has a pretty big problem. She’s addicted to eating human flesh. Along her journey, she meets other cannibals, including a young man named Lee who she falls in love with.

If you’re looking forward to watching a few movies during Thanksgiving break, you’re probably wondering if Bones and All is streaming, and if not what platform it will eventually go to. Here’s everything to know!

Is Bones and All streaming anywhere?

At the time of this writing, Bones and All is not available to stream on any platform. It’s exclusively playing in theaters and should be out at a location near you. But if you want to wait to check out the movie when it’s on streaming, we don’t blame you! We don’t have a release date or even a window for when that’ll happen, but we suspect it will become available to stream on Amazon Prime Video at some point.

Bones and All is produced by MGM Studios, which was acquired by Amazon. We predict Bones and All will be available to rent via Video on Demand first, and then should stream on Prime Video for free for anyone who has an account. Unfortunately, theatrical MGM to Amazon streaming releases don’t have a set schedule, so we’re in the dark about when it’ll be available to watch on the platform.

Once we have a release date for Bones and All on streaming, we’ll be sure to let you know!