Gossip Girl (2021) season 2 release schedule: When do new episodes come out?

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Gossip Girl (2021) season 2 is finally here! We’re sure the waiting has been excruciating for fans waiting to see Julien Calloway and Monet de Haan go toe-to-toe, drama-for-drama over the crown.

In last season’s finale, Monet decided she’d no longer be working her tail off to help Julien shine and be queen when she clearly doesn’t want to stay on the throne. Meanwhile, Queen J was pitching an ill-advised partnership with Gossip Girl.

Her convoluted idea stemmed from the notion that the gossipmonger’s reign of terror has actually been holding people accountable for their behavior. In a bid to do good by being bad, Julien would send in both fictional and real tips to the account. It’d be up to Gossip Girl to weed through the trash for gems that’d help with cleaning up high society’s circle.

As the first two episodes of season 2 have shown though, this scheme of J’s hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. In fact, she’s lost more than she’s won which means this ride is only going to get bumpier from here on out. Here’s when you’ll be dropped into more of this show’s chaos!

When do new episodes of Gossip Girl (2021) season 2 come out?

New episodes of Gossip Girl (2021) season 2 will premiere Thursdays on HBO Max. The second season has premiered its first two episodes, however, moving forward only one new episode will release weekly. Unlike last season, fans won’t have to brace for a split season.

We’ll be on this journey with the show for nine weeks until the season finale airs on Jan. 26. There’s a total of ten episodes to look forward to for the show’s sophomore run. Keep reading for the full release schedule.

Gossip Girl (2021) season 2 episode release schedule

  • Episode 1 – Thursday, Dec. 1
  • Episode 2 – Dec. 1
  • Episode 3 – Dec. 8
  • Episode 4 – Dec. 15
  • Episode 5 – Dec. 22
  • Episode 6 – Dec. 29
  • Episode 7 – Jan. 5
  • Episode 8 – Jan. 12
  • Episode 9 – Jan. 19
  • Episode 10 – Jan. 26

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