The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Dec. 6): Deacon threatens Sheila

Kimberlin Brown of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS
Kimberlin Brown of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS /

Is anyone else being thrown for a loop by Finn’s sudden discontent with how Sheila died? Don’t get me wrong, Bold fans, I’m glad The Bold and the Beautiful  has circled back to this storyline. I just wish the toe these characters have known about for months wasn’t the catalyst for the truth coming out.

Finn and company have had so much time to question the validity of the bear attack that it just doesn’t sit right that weeks before Christmas, this is how it’s reintroduced into the plot for them. I am, however, intrigued by how this could warp Sheila and Deacon’s relationship.

The two friends turned lovers have been sharing an apartment for awhile. Deacon’s had a soft spot for Sheila for some time as well in spite of everything she’s done that’s hurt the supposed love of his life, Brooke. He’s sheltered the thought to be dead fugitive, been her confidante and shoulder to lean on, and he’s even thrown her a date night that the two have enjoyed.

But, recently, Deacon’s been spooked more than usual with Sheila’s comings and goings from the apartment. He’s been telling her from the beginning that she needs to either leave town or stay put instead of gallivanting around Los Angeles in one of her disguises. Of course, she hasn’t been listening. So today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon made a threat he shouldn’t have.

Telling Sheila Carter that you’re going to turn her into the authorities isn’t a smart move, but her feelings for Deacon have kept him off her bad side for the time being. But if he keeps pushing, he might be reminded rather quickly what it’s like to be her enemy and that’s a position no one wants to be in.

Here’s the full recap of events.

What happened today on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Sheila and Deacon did their typical dance about the stakes surrounding Sheila’s refusal to get out of dodge and restart somewhere far away from the city her son lives in. Deacon has been trying to get her to see reason for months to no avail.

From Sheila’s point of view, she didn’t sacrifice a toe just to be back in a jail cell but that doesn’t mean she intends to live her life on the run either. She’s gotten it in her head that somehow she’ll be able to come back from the dead and convince Finn to accept her into his life again. Once that’s achieved, he’ll be able to talk Steffy and the rest of the Forresters into letting bygones be bygones so she can be a part of the family she’s always wanted.

It’s farfetched and not at all in the realm of possibility. As Deacon has put it, the best Sheila can do, if she’s not going to leave town, is to turn herself in and try to make amends from prison. She’d be charged with attempted murder which isn’t ideal, but that’s the best case scenario. Angered at his words, Sheila continued to push back on the idea that she’d ever be put behind bars again.

That’s when Deacon’s own temper spiked. He threatened Sheila by saying he’d alert the authorities himself if she doesn’t turn herself in. Deacon has repeatedly stated that she’s putting him at risk to by sticking around and he’s not willing to go back to jail.

Threats usually set Sheila off and she ends up living up to her infamous behavior but, besides making it clear that he won’t be turning her into anyone and neither will she, she didn’t really do anything. In fact, their argument ended with Sheila throwing on one of her disguises and storming out of the apartment.

She did mention in a previous episode that she’s got a few new wigs and we got to see one today. It’s a blonde number which has me wondering how many more disguises we’ll get to see during this storyline.

Elsewhere, Finn was doing the LAPD’s work for them. Apparently, no one in forensics put Sheila’s toe under a microscope at all during the investigation into her supposed death. All it took was some magnifying adjustments and it was obvious to the doctor that his biological mother had cut off her own toe.

As he explained to Steffy, there would be more tissue damage and tearing if the digit had actually been bitten by a bear. He confirmed his findings with a colleague over the phone so now the couple have undeniable “proof” that Sheila is very much alive and out there somewhere. This ridiculous plot had me laughing considering the time that’s passed since Sheila faked her death.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Finn has vowed to Steffy that he won’t stop until his bio mom is arrested and locked up for good. Understandably, he hasn’t forgiven Sheila for shooting him and Steffy which nearly took both their lives. So, there’s definitely an abundance of love lost there.

Speaking of love lost, Hope and Thomas got into it on The Bold and the Beautiful today. It was only a matter of time before the soap would have the two come face-to-face. Hope unleashed all of hurt and anger at Thomas. To be honest, it was to the point where it once again seemed obvious that she feels more for him than she should.

She laid into him about how Douglas got caught up in all of this. Thomas did insist that he tried to keep their son out of his scheme. He never intended to involve him. Granted, calling Child Protective Services on yourself when you know they’re going to question your child contradicts that statement, but Thomas did say that he would have never let anything happen to Douglas including being taken from him.

I’m with Hope on this one. That would have been out of his control and it wasn’t right to put Douglas in a situation like that especially given how tenuous the whole custody struggle had been at that point. But, what I don’t believe is that Douglas doesn’t want to see his father. That sounded like a lie as soon as Hope said it, and we didn’t see a single scene like that on the soap.

Thomas denied that was the case, but Hope doubled down so we may or may not get confirmation that she was telling the truth. Though, considering Hope is effectively cutting Thomas from her life as well as from her line, the soap may just move on.

He tried to get her to see his perspective, but she was right when she said that’s asking a lot of her. Her mother and son were hurt by his scheme and, honestly, so was she. Hope was both furious and incredibly emotional during this exchange while she read Thomas the riot act.

I’m not sure how Thomas thought their relationship would stay intact in the aftermath of what he did, but he did tell Hope that none of his family is talking to him, so he’s been holding onto the idea that maybe he can get through to her. If he could do that then he’d be able to ride out this estrangement.

Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen but Thomas did try his best to explain why he worked so hard to split his dad and Brooke up. He, like Steffy and Taylor, refused to believe that Ridge proposed to Taylor because of his scheming. They all have taken Ridge at his word when he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her because he loves her. And they won’t let the Logans say otherwise.

Love, however, is the last thing Hope says she will ever feel for Thomas. She feels foolish for believing in him and that she should have listened to Liam and Brooke. Hope told Thomas that she defended him and couldn’t believe she’d ever thought he was her friend even after he crossed the line by trying to kiss her.

Their conversation ended with Hope getting in Thomas’ face and calling him pathetic. She said he’s nothing more than the man who kept Beth from her and then stomped out the room. Thomas, deflated, insisted she hadn’t given him a chance to explain, but she closed the door on him mid-sentence.

I’m not sure what more he could have said to explain himself, but that relationship is toast. I’d say deader than dead, but Thope always has a way of coming back in some capacity. But, even as someone who has wanted to see the soap actually go there with them romantically, it is time they give it a rest and let Thomas find happiness with a woman who wants him, schemes and all.

Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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