Buy The Office Funko Pop! Advent Calendar to count down to Christmas

Funko Pop! The Office Advent Calendar
Funko Pop! The Office Advent Calendar /

It’s already the start of December, but if you’re having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, we’ve got just the thing for you. Apart from marathoning every Christmas episode of The Office — which you should definitely do — you can also prepare for the end of the year with a very special advent calendar that will have you feeling like you’re at Dunder Mifflin!

Funko Pop! has an exciting calendar just in time for December, and if you order it now on Amazon, you’ll get it very soon! The Office comes to life with the 24-piece product, which includes vinyl figures of your favorite characters to unveil each day. The reviews speak for themselves on the listing, with one person writing: “This was the perfect gift for my kids. They are huge Office fans and also love these Funko Pops.”

So what are you waiting for? Any die-hard fan of The Office should have this in their collection! Check out the photos below and how to buy.

BUY: Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: The Office

The Office Advent Calendar
Funko Pop! The Office Advent Calendar /
The Office Funko Pop
Funko! Pop The Office Advent Calendar /

Like many sitcoms, The Office has many holiday episodes that fans love to rewatch during this time of the year. There’s the one where Michael, Dwight, Andy, and Jim go to Benihana and bring two of the waitresses back to the office for their Christmas party, and the one where they exchange gifts and it turns into a White Elephant swap when Michael doesn’t like the gift he was given. There’s also the one with Meredith’s intervention, the one where Michael tries to impress Holly, and the one where Erin gets super drunk. And that’s not even all of them!

While you wait for your advent calendar to arrive, stream every single holiday episode of The Office right now on Peacock.

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