Who dies in The White Lotus season 2?

The White Lotus is an HBO anthology series created by Mike White that premiered in July 2020. The first season follows wealthy vacationers at a luxurious resort on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, and the second takes place in Sicily, Italy. The show is a mix of drama and comedy, exploring the themes of identity, love, and family. Since its premiere, the show has won multiple Emmy Awards and has been widely praised for its unique storytelling and powerful acting. Both seasons are sure to leave viewers captivated by their characters and the story they tell.

Though both seasons of the show follow different characters, the overarching mystery of trying to figure out who dies is the same. The White Lotus season 2 premiered in late October and the opening scene showed us a character named Daphne discovering dead bodies in the ocean. Now, we finally made it to the finale of the second season and we have the answers we’ve been looking for!

MAJOR spoilers ahead for The White Lotus season 2.

Tonight’s episode was certainly intense, and it left us guessing as to who dies until some of the final moments. Here’s what really goes down.

Does Ethan kill Cameron in The White Lotus season 2?

Ethan and Cameron get into a physical fight in the ocean during the finale, but no, Ethan does not kill Cameron. Prior to their fight, Ethan confronts Harper again and says he knows she hooked up with Cameron after they got drunk together. After some lying, Harper finally comes clean and says they kissed, but nothing more.

Ethan still thinks there’s more to the story, but Harper won’t budge. Ethan then storms off and confronts Cameron who’s out swimming, and he has him in a headlock underwater before someone on the beach comes out and stops him.

Does Jack kill Portia in The White Lotus season 2?

Another character who seems to be in danger in the finale is Portia, who’s been spending a lot of time with Jack. As you’ll remember, Tanya realized things weren’t as they seemed when she saw Jack having sex with his supposed uncle Quentin earlier this season. In the finale, Jack says he’ll drive Portia back to the hotel, but once he stops in the middle of the road she becomes even more suspicious. He tells her there’s an airport nearby and she should just leave from there instead of going back to the hotel.

Surprisingly, Jack turns out to help Portia in the end, as he sends her back to America so she avoids potentially being killed.

Does Tanya die in The White Lotus season 2?

With just over 10 minutes left of the episode, we see Tanya kill Niccoló, Quentin, and Didier. She grabs a gun from Niccoló’s bag and kills the men in what she believes is self-defense, as she thinks they’re scamming her and will kill her. Tanya then tries to jump off the boat onto a dinghy that would bring her to the hotel, but she hits her head on the way down and dies.

The episode ends with Albie and Portia reconnecting at the airport and exchanging numbers, while Lucia and Mia are on top of the world walking the streets of Italy together.

Though we’re sad The White Lotus season 2 has come to an end, the good news is the show is coming back for a third season! That’s right, The White Lotus season 3 is definitely happening. Plus, we’ve got a lot of good HBO shows to look forward to in 2023, starting with The Last Of Us on January 15.

Also in 2023, HBO is set to release a slate of new shows that will be sure to capture all of our attention. Some of the highly anticipated shows include a drama from the creator of Euphoria called The Idol, the fourth season of Succession, and the fourth season of Barry. With such a diverse range of genres, HBO is sure to make 2023 another incredible year!

You can stream all seven episodes of The White Lotus season 2 right now.