Christopher Nolan movies and where to stream them

(L-r) ELIZABETH DEBICKI and JOHN DAVID WASHINGTON in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action epic "TENET," a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
(L-r) ELIZABETH DEBICKI and JOHN DAVID WASHINGTON in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action epic "TENET," a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures /

Without a shadow of a doubt, Christopher Nolan is certainly one of the best filmmakers of our generation. No matter what piece this talented individual is involved in, you can always tell that he puts a great deal of love and dedication into his work. It’s clear he isn’t stopping anytime soon, as his titles just get better and better with time; so much so that we think it’s time to celebrate the amazing works we have with us today.

From the masterpiece that was Interstellar to the mind-bending journey that Tenet took us on, here are the very best Christopher Nolan films, and where you can stream every one of them.

Best Christopher Nolan movies

Starting with one of his earliest works, we absolutely have to shout out to Following, the 1998 thriller that we believe put Christopher Nolan on film buffs’ radars.

The classic title follows the life of a writer who observes the lives of strangers in search of inspiration. At first, his act is rather innocent. However, he eventually ventures out too far, blurring the lines of what is and isn’t acceptable for an artist in desperate need of finding his muse.

Check out the official trailer for Following below.

Following is now streaming on YouTube Movies, Google Play, Apple TV, and Prime Video, so subscribe as soon as possible to experience every second of this amazing title. But don’t unsubscribe afterward, for there are ever more films you can check out on these streaming platforms and many more!

Here are more of Nolan’s best films and where to stream them:

  • Memento (2000) – HBO Max | Prime Video | Apple TV | Hulu
  • Insomnia (2002) – Hulu | YouTube Movies | Vudu | Prime Video
  • Batman Begins (2005) – Hulu | Prime Video | YouTube Movies
  • The Prestige (2006) – Prime Video | Vudu | YouTube Movies
  • The Dark Knight (2008) – Hulu | Prime Video | YouTube Movies | Google Play
  • Inception (2010) – Hulu | Prime Video | Apple TV
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – Hulu | Apple TV | Prime Video
  • Man of Steel (2013) – Hulu | HBO Max | YouTube Movies | Google Play | Apple TV
  • Interstellar (2014) – Paramount+ | Prime Video | Apple TV
  • Dunkirk (2017) – Hulu | Google Play | Prime Video
  • Tenet (2020) – Prime Video | Google Play | Vudu

Oppenheimer is the latest title in Nolan’s resume and, like many, we are anticipating this 2023 release to be the best one yet!

The upcoming title is set in the early 1940s, a time when the United States (and a few other nations like Japan) made the unfortunate decision to experiment with weaponizing nuclear power which eventually led to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The film sets to explore the events leading up to this era and the horrifying acts that followed soon after.

Check out the official trailer for Oppenheimer below.

Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker we’re fortunate to have with us today. If you feel the same way, head to any of these sites to watch some of his best projects to date!

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