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365 Days: This Day - Cr. Netflix/Karolina Grabowska
365 Days: This Day - Cr. Netflix/Karolina Grabowska /

Michele Morrone is known for his great looks and amazing acting skills that have captivated audiences.

Getting his early start in titles like Sirene and The Teacher, Morrone has climbed his way to Hollywood’s elite, and it’s clear he isn’t slowing down anytime soon, as he has secured a brand-new role in the anticipated sci-fi film, Subservience.

Though we don’t have much information about the upcoming film just yet, we do know that Morrone is set to star among other Hollywood favorites such as Night Teeth actress Megan Fox. However, this isn’t the only title you can expect to catch him in, nor is it his latest stunning feature!

Without further ado, here are the best movies and shows starring none other than Michele Morrone.

Best Michele Morrone movies

Michele Morrone’s first TV movie was a 2018 film called Renata Fonte. There, he played the role of Marcello My, and it was because of his awesome performance here that he went on to secure tons of other intriguing films with equally intriguing characters.

In addition to Renata Fonte, here are the best films starring Michele Morrone:

  • L’Ultimo Giorno del Toro (2018) as Valerio
  • Bar Joseph (2019) as Luigi
  • 365 Days (2020) as Massimo Torricelli
  • 365 Days: This Day (2022) as Massimo Torricelli
  • The Next 365 Days (2022) as Massimo Torricelli

Morrone latest film is Duetto. In this 2022 film, he plays Marcello Bianchini, a man just as passionate and mysterious as Torricelli. (See the official trailer for the release here.)

We’re soon to see even more of Morrone’s movies in the future. But for now, let’s take a look at the small but mighty shows he’s starred in.

Best Michele Morrone shows

Alongside Sirene and The Teacher, Morrone gathered a couple more shows under his belt before he decided to focus primarily on TV shows. Below are the other titles you may consider checking out:

  • Medici (2019) as Ship Captain
  • The Trial (2019) as Claudio Cavalleri

It’s a great time to become a fan of Michele Morrone. What better way than to start your journey streaming his best titles to date?!

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