The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Jan. 6): Is Sheila playing Bill?

Kimberlin Brown of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS
Kimberlin Brown of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS /

Bill’s line of questioning toward Sheila on The Bold and the Beautiful proved Steffy and Katie got into his head in their respective conversations with him. Steffy hit home with the idea that Sheila is using him, and Katie’s praise and concern over his well-being showcased what he’s set to lose if he chooses to pursue a life with Sheila.

She, however, isn’t the kind of woman to back down once she’s set her mind to something. While I’m of the belief that Sheila is using Bill, I also believe that she intends to keep her word and see where their romance can lead. It’s a win-win situation for her. She gets a get out of jail free card with his assistance and a man who accepts her for all that she is.

That’s not to say she didn’t have the latter with Deacon, but he’s determined to make a better life for himself. He can straddle both sides of the line, walking comfortably in the more seedy parts of existence whilst also embracing the inherent goodness in himself. Sheila has nothing against that but she’s also going to be who she is and she needs a man who’s not going to try to change that about her or be hurt by who she is. Deacon can do the former, but that latter part isn’t a guarantee.

Meanwhile, Bill’s darkness has led him astray countless times. It’s doing so in this storyline with Sheila, it’s just that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing if he finds someone who can accept who he is as well. Who knows, this villain love story could just be one of the best unexpected plots to happen on The Bold and the Beautiful even though it does feel a little forced into making sense.

Here’s the full recap of events in the Jan. 6 episode.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Jan. 6)

Bill asked Sheila point blank if she’s playing him and it led to some background on how their relationship began in the first place. Apparently, weeks ago, Sheila had been watching Bill as he drank by his lonesome at Il Giardino. She decided to follow him after he left to see what the big, bad, powerful Bill Spencer was going to get up to.

Turns out, he’d only went to the beach where he plopped himself down in the sand. Sheila took a chance and approached him without her disguise. Instead of calling the police or restraining her, Bill chose to open up to her and the two talked until the sun came up. From there, they grew closer and then Sheila began to live at Bill’s house. How she pulled this off when she was living at Deacon’s place, too, I’m not sure but Bill isn’t aware she’d been living with Deacon.

Sheila even referred to the CEO’s mansion as her home. She was doing her best to reassure Bill that she’s not lying to him about the feelings she has. It’s her belief that she’s the only woman who can truly understand and accept him. All the other women in his life have tried to change him into a good man instead of embracing the man that he is.

She referred to them as “good girls” which was funny since only Katie fits that description. Brooke is notorious for the damage that she’s done “following her heart,” and Steffy used to pride herself on being a woman who pushed boundaries, took risks, and was often portrayed as the bad girl to Hope’s goody two shoes persona.

Still, for as thick as Sheila was laying it on, she did seem serious though she’s also lying to him. She wasn’t abandoned by everyone in her life. Deacon literally sheltered her while she was a fugitive and their bond deepened during their time together. He’d get frustrated with her, but he cared about her and still does.

Bill, however, can’t know that 1. because she promised Deacon that she wouldn’t tell anyone about their connection and 2. it doesn’t fit into the narrative that she’s constructing. Bill has to be led to believe all they have is each other, while everyone else has turned their backs. She’s using his romance focused dejection to her advantage, and it’s working.

I will say though that while he’s very much playing with fire, so is Sheila. Bill’s liable to snap if she’s leading him along so she can be free. If she is, his reaction could be volatile. After all, he’s going to lose his family going forward with this plan of theirs. It’s making a deal with the devil, and he knows it, but it looks like he’s going to be doing it anyway.

Now if only Sheila could stick to the plan and not put them in danger of being found out too soon by trying to touch him. Bill pulled away from her when she tried to grab his hands. On Thursday’s episode, he moved her back out of his space. Something tells me someone’s going to put two and two together if they catch them looking a bit too friendly.

The rest of the story focused on Taylor coming to see Steffy and Finn to share her joy over Sheila being arrested. She’d been at a conference and this news had her smiling wide and feeling grateful that this new year has been good for her so far. Her career is booming, Sheila’s behind bars, and apparently she counts her budding friendship with Brooke as a plus as well.

Sinn struggled to match Taylor’s excitement because of the blackmail hanging over there heads. They tried though and she didn’t seem to notice that they were acting off. They were stilted when Baker arrived, too. Taylor said that the couple would do everything they could to ensure that Sheila stays in prison for the rest of her life and that they’d cooperate during the case.

While we didn’t hear Sinn give their statements to Baker, what they said must not have raised any red flags for Taylor or him. It has me wondering when the switch up will come because Steffy already told Finn that she’s not disrupting her mother’s life over Bill’s blackmail but at the same time she wants to protect Taylor’s bright future. She can’t do both so something is going to have to give and give soon because the characters have been using words like ‘testify’ and ‘hearing’ so we’re barreling toward some kind of trial.

The third plot on the Jan. 6 episode involved Carter and Katie. Once again she walked in on him getting dressed in the main office because he forgot to lock the door. The two flirted a bit before Carter inquired after Katie’s visit with Bill. They both still can’t believe the recent turn of events but Katie sees her ex-husband as a hero though she also expressed her surprise at his surprise over her concern for him. That caught her off-guard, she’s not sure what’s going on with him.

For his part, Carter listened to her and then moved the conversation on to the two of them. Katie’s glad Sheila’s behind bars because it means her loved ones are safe and she can focus on what’s growing between her and Carter. With what’s cooking in Bill’s storyline, the happy glow she’s got going on is definitely going to be fading soon. They’re all about to be blindsided.

Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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