The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Jan. 25): Deacon kisses Sheila

Kimberlin Brown of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS
Kimberlin Brown of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS /

Yesterday on The Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon pressed Sheila about her relationship with Bill. He wanted to know if she’s playing the Spencer patriarch or if she truly does have feelings for him. Though she tried to skirt around the conversation, she did eventually answer his question with a surprising (to Deacon) reply that served to turn his jealousy up several notches.

Deacon made an advance that wasn’t appreciated by Sheila, and he couldn’t seem to keep his own feelings in check regarding her moving on. Hopefully, he doesn’t ruin things for his friend because he can’t handle her being with someone else. That wouldn’t be fair to her even if it’s the kind of drama soap opera watchers love to see.

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Hope panicked so hard over the critique her new collection received that she’s actually contemplating inviting Thomas back to work on her line. Talk about turning coat! Here’s the recap of events.

What happened today on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Sheila tried to continue sampling Deacon’s cheese pizza to get out of giving him a straight answer when it comes to her feelings for Bill. It took some coaxing and prodding, but she eventually divulged that their connection happened organically. She gave him the same story that she’d recounted to Bill.

The CEO had been drinking alone at Il Giardino. Sheila followed up because she was intrigued by him and was shocked to find him sitting on the beach by himself instead of going somewhere exciting. She decided to go talk to him and then they spoke with one another until the sun came up. She’s not playing him.

While Sheila will gladly gloat about the way she makes miracles happen for herself, her romance with Bill isn’t a con. That’s not what Deacon was hoping to hear. He slipped right into postering, asking Sheila how he and Bill measure up to one another. He also wanted to know if she does the same things she did with him when they’re intimate.

Deacon was greener than green, trying to find some kind of wedge or way of downplaying Shill’s relationship but Sheila wouldn’t give him one. She didn’t diminish her friendship with Deacon either. They’re two different connections that are very important to her, but she plans on spending the rest of her life with Bill.

Unfortunately, Deacon didn’t respect her position on that stance. He kissed Sheila out of nowhere and she responded by telling him to savor it because it’s the last one he’ll be getting from her. She doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize what she has with Bill. Considering he’s declared his love for her and isn’t afraid of being publicly in a relationship with her, that’s not surprising.

Deacon’s still trying to hide that they’re friends especially from his daughter. While Sheila’s not exactly looking to reveal her connection with Deacon to Bill either, she’s treated Deacon with more respect that he has her. He questioned why she even came by the restaurant if they’re really through and she told him it was so she could congratulate him and tell him in person that she’s with Bill.

That’s more than Deacon gave her. She still doesn’t know that he proposed to Brooke and probably never will. I love the dynamic between these two, but if Deacon can’t get his act together and openly show his affection and care for Sheila then he needs to leave her alone. She’s got a good thing going with Bill, a man who isn’t afraid or ashamed to be with her. He needs not mess that up for her.

Besides, his daughter has her own problems. Hope started spiraling today on the soap because the new collection received one critical review. One. You’d have thought more had came in but that wasn’t the case. Instead of going back to the drawing board to see how the line could be improved, she immediately wanted to consider bringing Thomas back on at the fashion firm.

Eric, Zende, and Steffy were surprised by her pitch for the talented designer to work remotely so that he could help Hope for the Future but not be seen on the premises. At the thought of failure, Hope threw her mom and Ridge’s concerns right out the window. It was fun to watch to be honest and completely on brand for her.

Thomas knows this as well. He surprised Paris when his delight over the bad review translated into him waiting to receive a text from Hope or Steffy asking him to come back. He, however, has played this game with Hope before. She always does this. She’s furious over his actions to the point of pettiness, pushes him out of her life and out of the company if she can manage it, and then pulls him back in when she needs him. It honestly never fails.

He was so confident that he came to Forrester Creations, sneaking past Charlie, to get into the main office where he found his sister. She’d already told Hope that she’d consider her proposal but needs input from Ridge before a decision can be made. However, Steffy might end up bringing Thomas back without her dad’s opinion.

While she’s deeply upset with her brother, she couldn’t help but take a look at his designs when he showed them to her. They were undeniably beautiful. Across the hall, Paris was setting up a way to help him make a case for his return. She tentatively inquired about the critic’s review as if she weren’t already aware that it wasn’t a glowing one and then she asked Hope if she’d be asking Thomas to come back.

We didn’t get an answer before the episode ended, but the ground work is being laid for the designer to resume his duties. He says he’s remorseful and is aware of how his behavior impacted his family, including how he’s once again lost his son who he loves dearly. Of course, he couldn’t help but take a shot at Brooke and all that she’s done, but he’s right. How long does he have to sit out of his own family and business before he’s forgiven? Doesn’t he deserve another chance just like the rest of them who’ve been given copious amounts of chances over the years?

Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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