Cocaine Bear age rating: Why is the movie rated R?

Cocaine Bear, Photo credit: Pat Redmond/Universal PicturesKeri Russell as Sari in Cocaine Bear
Cocaine Bear, Photo credit: Pat Redmond/Universal PicturesKeri Russell as Sari in Cocaine Bear /

Cocaine Bear is Elizabeth Banks’ latest directorial project and it looks like a wild ride! Excited about the movie as much as we are? Who will you be going to the movies this weekend to watch Cocaine Bear with? Is the movie one to watch with kids? What is the Cocaine Bear age rating?

When it comes to taking a trip to the movie theater, it can be a great family experience. After all, what’s better than watching the latest feature on the big screen with family? However, not all movies are for everyone at home. There are romcoms, horror flicks, violent action-dramas, and everything in between. Some movies are best enjoyed on date night or after the kids go to sleep. Now, Cocaine Bear may have the word “bear,” on it, but it also has the word “cocaine,” so that alone should tell you all you need to know. Not to mention, the movie is rated R. But why, exactly, is the movie rated R? Is it language? Drug use? And/or something worse?

Cocaine Bear age rating

Please note that you know your kid best, we are only here to provide details and suggestions. Some young teens may be able to handle language and minor violence, but you don’t want to expose them to gore or sexual content. That said, Elizabeth Banks‘ feature is rated R for language throughout, drug content, bloody violence, and gore. So while there is no sexual content or nudity in the movie, bloody violence and gore is enough to want to keep teenagers out of theaters for this one.

Cocaine Bear is in theaters on Feb. 24 and is based on a true story (though heavily dramatized) that follows a murderous rampage a black bear goes on after accidentally consuming cocaine. The movie stars Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Christian Convery, Alden Ehrenreich, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. This is an exclusive theater release so you’ll need to head to the big screen to watch it as it is not streaming at this time.

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