Saying goodbye to these 15 canceled tv shows almost destroyed us

Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix
Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix /
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Swamp Thing

Not only did Swamp Thing fail to secure a second season, but the DC Universe drama was dead in the water  — pun intended — before it ever had a chance to win audiences over. Despite receiving its walking papers after just one episode, Swamp Thing managed to carve out a strong following and wowed fans across its 10-episode run.

There’s no telling how many more viewers would have fallen in love with the series or where the writers may have been able to take the storylines had DC Universe not pulled the plug prematurely. It’s just a shame the series never had a fair shake all because of a shortfall in tax incentives.

Julie and the Phantoms

In the months that followed the show’s release, Julie and the Phantoms seemed to enjoy a wave of success building both a passionate following in the Fantoms and picking up a variety of awards including three Daytime Emmy Awards including the Emmy for Outstanding Original Song with its moving ballad “Unsaid Emily.”

Between the acclaim the series received and the passionate fan base it developed, one would have thought Julie and the Phantoms would have been an easy renewal for Netflix. Instead, the streamer pulled the plug on the show after one incredible season in a cancellation we’re not sure we’ll ever understand.