Survivor 44 episode 2 lands hidden idols and fun gameplay

Survivor 44 episode 2 starts off with the possibility of love in the air and it’s a breath of fresh air after last week’s multiple emergency visits by the medical team.

The reality competition show has described seasons 41 and beyond as a “new era,” but this episode brought back a classic feel with people bonding, individuals searching for hidden immunity idols, and someone having to decide which group to vote with in the end.

Did anyone find a hidden immunity idol in Survivor 44 episode 2?

If you thought one hidden immunity idol close call was enough, well, how about two? Several castaways found themselves wandering through the jungle searching for the idol; either alone or in groups. Danny and Carolyn persevered in their efforts to find a key in their own camps, which unlocks the birdcage with an idol inside of a bag.

Although they both were brave to attempt to unlock the birdcage in broad daylight, Carolyn let her enthusiasm loft over one key piece of finalizing the sneaky deal of getting the idol without anyone knowing; she grabbed the entire bag and rushed back to her tribe’s camp, leaving an empty birdcage unlocked.

She quickly realized this mistake and rushed back to put the empty bag in the cage before anyone noticed. Mission accomplished – almost. When the rest of her Tika tribe members went by the birdcage, they noticed the bag looked tampered with and they could see inside the opening of a now empty bag. Fortunately, Carolyn played it calmer than at any other point in the season and she’s now holding onto an idol and a fake medallion.

One quick note: Did she hold up the fake medallion and say that was the real idol, and that the beads were worthless? When Brandon played his idol last week, it was the beaded idol. When Danny discovered his idol in the birdcage, the beads were also the idol. Is it possible the creators behind the show mixed it up to cause confusion for anyone who might share information? Or did Carolyn misread the parchment that came with it?

I guess we’ll only find out if they go back to tribal council and she plays one of the idols. This just in: The Tika tribe went back to tribal council!


Carson Garrett from SURVIVOR Season 44. — Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Classic Survivor leaves one person in the middle and two on the outs

The Tika tribe has five castaways remaining after George was medically evacuated during the first episode. Survivor 44 episode 2 highlights Carson’s position as he navigates two pairs in the game; Carolyn and Yam Yam and Helen and Sarah. Despite his aspirations to become a rocket scientist, Carson downplays his intelligence and avoids talking about how he pre-gamed Survivor by building puzzles previously used in the game.

Whether you’re new to the hit reality TV show, or you’ve been a long-time fan, Survivor 44 episode 2 hits the absolute sweet spot when it comes to what you want to see in the game. Players were searching for advantages while trying to be sneaky about it (in some instances). Matt and Frannie have an exceptionally strong bond in the game, self-described as “two big dorky magnets.” Their close relationship was definitely noticed by their tribemates and they all probably thought one thing: “showmance.”

But most of all, fans were able to see someone in the middle lean in one direction and then wonder which direction Carson was tilting towards. This exciting episode also leads viewers to wonder if Carolyn would play her idol. And, if she did, would she play the correct one? Although there is only one winner in each season of Survivor, this episode was bursting with fun gameplay all around.

Who had their torch snuffed in Survivor 44 episode 2?

Before Tika went to tribal council, it was clearly going to come down to either one side voting for Carolyn or the other side voting for Helen. Yam Yam brought up Helen’s smarts and how she’s always thinking of multiple scenarios, which was a concern for him. Helen and Sarah assumed it would be an easy vote, since Carolyn didn’t seem to have a tight bond with the rest of the tribe.

Unfortunately, they didn’t realize Yam Yam was close with Carolyn – and Carson was playing both sides. Even during tribal council, the conversation did not sway viewers one way or the other on who was going home, so when it came time for each player to vote, it was an unknown. As host Jeff Probst gathered the votes and asked if anyone wanted to play an advantage, Carolyn’s edged her fingers inside of her pockets momentarily, but refused to pull out an idol and play it for herself.

With a majority of three needed to send someone home, Helen received three of the four votes. Although Sarah did not have a vote during this tribal council, it’s safe to say she is definitely the one who feels on the outs.

Did you feel Survivor 44 episode 2 had a classic feel to it? Were you surprised Carolyn didn’t play her idol? Did she misread which was the real and fake idol? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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