Class of ’07 episode release schedule: When do new episodes come out?

Class of '07 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Class of '07 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

A new series is now streaming on Prime Video, featuring the return of Emily Browning. Searching for a comedy-drama to stream this weekend? Class of ’07 may just be the one! But when do new episodes come out? We share all the details you need to know, below.

The world of entertainment has been taken over by streaming. Nowadays, instead of tuning in to watch a new show at a specific time, we have the luxury option of streaming said series at the time of our choosing. Of course, you never want to wait too long to watch or you’ll bump into spoilers online.

That said, is Class of ’07 a weekly release or is the entire first season now available to stream on Prime Video? As much as we love streaming, things can get a little confusing as far as when new episodes will drop. Netflix, for example, drops complete seasons on premiere day, while Apple TV+ and other streamers give us weekly episodes. But there are also services that switch things up, depending on the show. So what’s the verdict on Class of ’07?

Class of ’07 episode release schedule

In the case of this comedy-drama, Prime Video subscribers are getting the entire first season in one go. That’s right, all eight episodes of Class of ’07 are now available to stream if you have a Prime Video subscription. Here are the episode titles:

  • Episode 1 “Bird S…”
  • Episode 2 “Pancake Rage”
  • Episode 3 “Dumb Dumbs”
  • Episode 4 “Soul-Crushing-Cycle”
  • Episode 5 “The People vs. Saskia”
  • Episode 6 “Utopia”
  • Episode 7 “Party Like It’s 1999”
  • Episode 8 “The Tribe Has Spoken”

If you don’t have a Prime Video account, now is a great time to sign up for a free trial so you can check out everything the streamer has to offer — no strings attached!  Class of ’07 stars Emily Browning, Megan Smart, Caitlin Stasey, Claire Lovering, Emma Horn, and others.

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