Will there be a season 2 of Swarm? (Ending explained)

Swarm -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Swarm -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Swarm is the latest title on Amazon Prime Video that hundreds of thousands of fans are tuning into. Not only is the show super intriguing, depicting the lengths one would go for the pop idol they love, but it is also extremely well-made, having been created by the likes of Atlanta‘s Donald Glover.

What’s more, the cast of the series was an absolute delight to watch, as it highlighted stars like Dominique Fishback and Chloe Bailey, as well as marked the acting debut of none other than Grammy Award-winning musician, Billie Eilish.

All in all, Swarm pushed the envelope, and it paid off greatly. So much so that fans are wondering if this is the end of the original series, or if they can expect yet another installment explaining what exactly happened to Dre (Fishback) at the end of it all. Fortunately for you, we may have the answers you’re looking for!

Is there going to be a Swarm season 2?

As of today, there is no word on a sophomore season of Swarm.

Our gut tells us that a lack of a season 2 renewal is because the series is still relatively new. However, we’re also led to believe that there won’t be a second season since the ending, for the most part, seemed to wrap up most loose ends.

Swarm ending explained

In the last episode of Swarm, titled “Only God Makes Happy Endings”, we observed the climax of Dre’s obsession with her favorite superstar, Ni’Jah.

Dre initially couldn’t get into Ni’Jah’s concert, as the tickets she bought for her and her girlfriend were burned to crisps. But through working her magic, she was able to sneak inside to the front row of the concert. Rather than watch the concert, however, she saw it best to climb onto the stage for a chance to be with her favorite star. Ni’Jah then requested that Dre sings for the audience, only Ni’Jah didn’t appear to be the Ni’Jah we knew, having the body of the superstar but the face of Dre’s late adoptive sister, Marrisa.

Content with being in the backseat of Ni’Jah’s limo, Dre rests her head on the star in absolute bliss.

This is where the show concludes.

Having said all this, we can infer that Dre is in a dreamlike state. Not just because of her hallucination of her deceased sister but also because we were given hints as to what may have really happened at the concert in the episode prior.

In the previous episode, “Fallin’ Through The Cracks”, Detective Loretta Greene revealed that Dre was stopped by security when she ran on stage. But, prior to this incident, Detective Green was able to piece together that Dre may have been behind a series of murders, making it safe to say that once security apprehended Dre at the concert, she may have been taken in and questioned.

On one hand, we, along with fans, believe Dre is now in jail, paying for her crimes. But knowing how manipulative Dre could be, there’s also a fair chance that she was somehow able to sneak her way out of her comeuppance. The unknown of it all is all the more reason why we need a season 2 as soon as possible!

Although we don’t know whether this is the last we’ll see of Swarm, we’re more than glad to have gotten such a riveting series in the first place and can’t wait to see what else Donald Glover may have up his sleeves!

Swarm is now streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video

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