Love Is Blind Season 4 Live Reunion review: Drama and more drama

Love is Blind. Episode 401 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Love is Blind. Episode 401 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix debuted its first live show with Chris Rock: Selective Outrage special earlier this year. Because of the show’s success, They decided to put new twists on their most popular reality series, Love is Blind, by making the reunion show live. I share my thoughts and everything that went down.

The Love is Blind season 4 followed five couples in Seattle after proposing in the pods as they adapted to their lives, hoping to get married. When the season ended recently, we only had four couples make it to the altar after Jackie and Marshall split up. Three of the four couples in Tiffany/Brett, Chelsea/Kwame, and Bliss/Zack said yes, with Paul and Micah being the only couple to not get married.

Love is Blind Season 4 live reunion review

Tiffany and Brett

So after much delay and wild things happening with the system, the show kicked off with Nick and Vanessa talking to the best couple in the show’s history, Tiffany and Brett. We discovered that these two are doing great and that Tiffany has moved to Portland to live with Brett. For some reason, I had it made up in my mind that something was going on between these two, but I was relieved to hear all is great between them.

Kwame and Chelsea

I’ve seen the things online where Kwame had said their story played out much differently from what we see on TV, which is fine cause they edit things for dramatic purposes. However, what I didn’t like that went down here was Kwame straight up lying and avoiding the point where he was about to PROPOSE to Micah.

We all know Micah did her things, and she owned them in this situation between these two. But I didn’t love how they dogged on Micah and didn’t give her a chance to speak here. It was like Kwame was overtalking, and Chelsea even spoke up loudly in an attempt to try to cover things up. I don’t know, we saw what we saw, and Kwame got away with a lot there. That said, Kwame and Chelsea said everything is a go for the two, including her having met Kwame’s mom, who has accepted her into the family.

Zack and Bliss

First, let me credit Irina for owning her actions and more or less saying what she said in the Instagram post she made. We are all human, make dumb mistakes and say dumb things, but these people just had a camera on them. Not making excuses, but when it was time to move on, it felt like Zack had an axe to grind. He called out Irina, saying he felt “she was only on the show for clout.”

My problem was this was around the same time Zack was saying that everyone on the show had taken a lot of heat from what we saw and needed to calm down. Throughout the reunion, Zack spoke up at times he shouldn’t have, including during Micah and Paul’s turn. Zack went down to the bottom for likeability from the show.

Zack and Bliss are doing wonderfully, with Bliss’s dad and him getting along great now. These two still seem very awkward together, but I hope nothing but the best for them.

Paul and Micah

It was Micah and Paul’s turn and things got interesting with various issues brought up, including the ‘No’ at the altar and what Paul said about not seeing Micah as a mom. For some reason, it felt like folks were trying to make Paul a bad guy here with Vanessa leading the charge. He spoke of why he said what he said about Micah as a mom, even saying how he phrased it was wrong. I empathized with Micah as she seemed heartbroken about how the altar ended. I didn’t mind this entire moment, minus Zack speaking up for no reason.

Josh, Jackie and Marshall

Josh, Jackie, and Marshall are at the forefront of the show. We got a montage of Josh and Jackie’s time in the pods together that we didn’t see. They made a connection that explained much more than Josh just showing up to wreck things.

The duo was not at the live show, but we get an edited interview between Josh and Jackie with Vanessa, where Jackie mentioned quite a few things that Marshall did himself. From Marshall wanting to keep the ring cause of proposing to someone else to calling her a derogatory name to Jackie saying she owns her part of what she did but wants Marshall to do the same.

Of course, throughout this entire thing, we get a camera pan on Marshall, who sighed and rolled his eyes. This is where things got interesting because it felt like Marshall was being passive here and “moving on” without saying much. He owned what he said to Jackie about possibly being a man for her jawline being manly (he said it was a joke), yet refuted wanting to propose to someone else, saying she didn’t deserve the ring.

Kacie got brought up. She went on a date with Marshall, but said it was one date, that’s it. I need a timeline for this date because there could be more tea there. Honestly, Marshall didn’t look great here because he had a chance to clear the air, and for me, he didn’t.

Overall, the Love is Blind Live Reunion was packed with some drama. I am sure this could’ve been a lot more fun with Jackie in person, but either way, I hope by next time Netflix fixes the bugs so we get this truly live. I think we can safely say, with three couples getting married, that love really is blind. Cheers to the happy couples, and I hope Brett and Tiffany give us our first Love is Blind baby.

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Love Is Blind Season 4 Live Reunion is available on Netflix now.