Ted Lasso soundtrack: Which songs play in season 3 episode 9, La Locker Room Aux Folles?


As we’ve said plenty of times before, the Ted Lasso soundtrack never misses. So the music in season 3 episode 9 taking a back seat definitely surprised us! We don’t mean this in a bad way, of course, because we were far too busy following the stories to pay much attention to anything else. If you agree and missed the few songs that did play in the latest episode of the Apple TV+ hit series, titled “La Locker Room Aux Folles,” we’ve got your back.

Spoiler alert! If you have not yet watched the latest episode of Ted Lasso, go stream it now on Apple TV+ as there are light spoilers ahead. Though we won’t heavily dive into spoilers, we may tease or touch on a thing or two.

Ted Lasso season 3 episode 9, “La Locker Room Aux Folles,” follows the aftermath of Isaac McAdoo’s (Kola Bokinni) discovery after looking through Colin Hughes’ (Billy Harris) phone. In the end, the this all brings the team closer, both as a team and to the championship.

Ted Lasso soundtrack: Season 3 episode 9 song list

Most episodes of the hit series are packed with music, but the soundtrack has slowed down recently. Season 3 episode 8 only features four songs, and episode 9 cuts back even more with three songs (unless we missed one). And, this time, the few songs feature don’t include any classic hits or nostalgic favorites. Here’s what we’ve got, listed in order they are played:

  • Prelude (From la Cage Aux Folles) by Original Broadway Cast
  • “All That You Are” by Bear’s Den
  • “I Am What I Am (From “La Cage Aux Folles”) by Donald Pippin & George Hearn

I’m not saying this because there aren’t many choices, but I truly loved “All That You Are” by Bear’s Den in this episode. It not only touches on Nate and Jade’s story, but Colin’s, too. So, is this Nate’s redemption arc? Maybe. He still has a lot to make up for, but he is headed in the right direction.

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