Hoffman Family Gold sneak peek: Hunter isn’t happy with decisions (exclusive)

Hoffman Family Gold -- Courtesy of Discovery
Hoffman Family Gold -- Courtesy of Discovery /

Hunter isn’t happy with a decision in the field during Hoffman Family Gold Season 2, Episode 2. Take a look at this sneak peek from the episode.

Hoffman Family Gold returned for its second season on Friday, June 16. We immediately got to see the struggles of working with family once again. Hunter isn’t happy with Todd a lot of the time, and that certainly shows in the new episode.

It’s not clear what the build-up to the clip is, but what we can tell is that there’s been some sort of either miscommunication or a change of direction. Hunter has been waiting for the 650 to be brought over. They’re trying to move something large and heavy, and doing it wrong will lead to a lot of injuries.

Well, Todd didn’t bring over the 650 right away.

Hoffman Family Gold sneak peek: Where’s the 650?

Take a look at the clip to see the interaction:

It’s not clear whether Todd changed his mind at some point or was just delayed. It’s also possible that he mentioned he could bring in the 650. We’ll need the whole episode to see just how this played out beforehand.

What is clear is Hunter isn’t happy. When someone says they’ll so something, it should be done. I can get that. It’s hard getting to work without the tools you need, especially if plans change with you knowing.

Todd is concerned about the costs. They’re subcontracting for this work at $250 per hour each. They need this work done fast.

The synopsis tells us that there is a “mammoth fight” between father and son. This is likely the buildup to that fight. It’s going to be exciting to see this drama unfold. There is a chance of some nuggets turning up, though. Will it be enough to counter the fight?

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Hoffman Family Gold airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery and discovery+.